Saturday, June 23, 2018

Marriage of John Lee and Virginia Beuhring Hawkins

Ancestry sent me a hint today for my Hawkins line that is very interesting.  It is the marriage record for John Lee Hawkins and Virginia Beuhring.  The record is found in the court records of Kenton County, Kentucky.  I saved it to my ancestry account, but I am not very good at that yet and it is on E.P. Hawkins' page rather than that of John Lee.

Kenton County is the county in which Covington is found. The record is found on pages 112-113.   The date of the marriage is 11 Dec 1884.  So Henry Harrison Miller would still have been alive and living in Covington.  Did they go to Covington to be married at Daisy's grandfather's home?  Was John Lee working their temporarily?  The record says that John Lee says that his residence is Huntington, so they are not living there at the time.  I think this is very fun!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Revolutionary War Timeline

I am working a bit on the Morrison family this morning and Ronald's time line.  I just found a wonderful timeline for the Revolution and don't want to loose the link:

Monday, May 28, 2018

Grandaddy Marshall's WWII experience

Jason and his kids are sitting with me on the porch as we watch a storm get closer.  I had thought earlier that I should write a Memorial Day blog but didn't get around to doing that.

I told Jason and Jackson that Granddaddy Marshall (James Marshall Hawkins) had been training to be a gunner during WWII.  But that the war had ended before he was actually sent into battle.  He spent his time during the war playing basketball to entertain the troops.  He had been playing college basketball at the University of TN when the war broke out and he left school and enlisted in the Air Force in the middle of his college career.  After the war he returned to UT to play basketball.  And graduated after 1947.  I was born in 1947 and both Mom and I accompanied Dad during his final years at UT.

I wasn't absolutely positive that I remembered correctly about Dad training to be a gunner.  But Jason remembered his grandfather telling him that the gunner sat in the nose of the plane.  And that the gunner was supposed to move out of the nose when the plane landed.  But that Grandaddy Marshall had always remained in his seat to have the view of the landing from the nose.

Jason says he is not absolutely positive that the B 17 Bomber is the right plane, but the photos that I googled for the B17 are perfect to illustrate the story.

Above photos can be found on the Chattanooga Times Free Press Newspaper site:

Monday, May 21, 2018

William Morrison

I want so much to do a blog post today about whether William who is the son of Patrick Morrison of Pittsylvania County (during the Revolution) and William who married Rachel Witcher are one and the same or if these are two separate men.  However, I have only 3 hours before I start my two week lymphedema treatment and that is not enough I need to some things around the house more than I need to do this....but here are some notes for two weeks from now:

Need to get permission from Ronald to use his time line.
Need to make sure there are no other Morrisons in the general area.
Need to look at Fold 3 for all of the William Morrisons who received Rev pensions.
Need to look at children of this couple.  This morning what is bothering me the most is the statement made by Patrick Henry Morrison of Cabell County that he and his ....hmmmm....I can not put my hands on this information....but it was something like came to Cabell County with his three brothers and one sister....and that sister would have been Viola....not Elizabeth.  I need to give this some thought.  Does this suggest that Elizabeth was not his sister....or does it just mean that Elizabeth and Solomon came at a different time?  Remember that Ed Griffith has given me information about proofs that at least a couple of the children are proven children of William and Rachel....I think one was death information .....I need to look to see if there is other proofs in Cabell for any of the other children.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Bath County, Virginia

Lynn asked me if I had a book in my library that had marriages in Bath County, Virginia 1791-1853.  I don't.  But her request had me looking on my computer to see what I DO know about Bath County, Virginia.  And what popped up was my Clendenin family.  My data base has the death of Archibald Clendenin Sr. as 1749 in Bath County, Virginia.  It took only a few minutes to see that I need to edit this information.  The reason the book begins in 1791 is that that is the year that Bath County was formed. Bath County was formed out of Greenbrier, Augusta,   hmmm....I need to add this tomorrow.  Almost certainly my Clendenin family was living on the Calfpasture river in either Greenbrier or Augusta.  Why do I know this?  Because I have the information from the store in which they bought rum....and also I have the information that Archibald Jr. had will probated in Augusta County.

I will edit this to make more sense.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Settlements in the Wautauga/Nolichucky area in the 1700s

I am still thinking about the Morrison/Goad/Hensley settlers in the Nolichucky area of what is now Tennessee but was then North Carolina.  I am reading today the First Families of Tennessee: A register of Early Settlers and there Present-Day Descendants.  These are pages that I copied on my visit to the Washington County-Jonesborough Library in Jonesborough, TN this winter.  The book was published by the East Tennessee Historical Society, so I am guessing that it is available on their site.  On page 19 of the book, the statement is made:  "The eighteenth-Century movement of people into Tennessee was fundamentally shaped by geography.  The places from which immigrants came and routes they took were largely dictated by topographical considerations.  In the North American interior, where early overland traffic moved on foot, unbroken ranges of high peaks presented a formidable obstacle.  ....The great valley of Tennessee, on the other hand, formed a natural extension of the Shenandoah Valley and the Valley of Virginia...."  The first area of what is now Tennessee was in four areas:  the North Holston, Watauga, and Nolichucky rivers and in Carter's Valley.  Slightly later settlers settled along the French Broad River.

Wikipedia shows these rivers with today's boundaries:

This gives one a sense of where the settlers were.

Several of the other pages that I read today talk about the fact that many of the settlers who went to the Nashville area early traveled via the Wilderness trail into Kentucky and then south into Tennessee from there.  There were other explanations of trails and routes taken.  I filed the pages that I copied into my Morrison cubby.  When you see the map below, you think that this seems "out of the way".  But it seems to have been the best way in the time period that we are looking at.

this map is from:

And here is the comment taken from the page on this site:

I want to add something to the end of is half baked....Patrick Henry Morrison of Cabell County says that his family traveled through the Cumberland Gap to get to Salt Rock.  We all know this is geographically not likely!  However, it works that the family did go through the Cumberland Gap if they traveled to the Nashville area before they returned to Pittsylvania County. It works if William and Rachel Witcher Morrison went to the Nashville area before they decided to return home to Pittsylvania County.  What I am reading today says that many of the settlers who moved to the Nashville area traveled on the Wilderness Road through the Cumberland Gap and into Kentucky before traveling south into the Nashville area.  This was a normal route for this migration pattern.

Our Morrison group has been talking about the fact that the group for the most part believes that Patrick lived and died in the area of TN that is now Greene County.  His son James also lived and died there.  Both men are thought to have been buried near to each other in the Providence Baptist Church Cemetery.  Ronald had taken notes several years ago when the group met in the Nolichucky River area that said:

Kevin gave us a history of his family that descends from James Morrison through his son James Morrison, Jr. He showed us much of his research and gave Travis a copy of the Morrison family from a book that is located in the Rogersville genealogy center. He was quite enlightening relating that family tradition had been passed down from James Morrison Jr.  family that Patrick Morrison, James Morrison Sr. and James Morrison Jr. are all buried in the older part of Providence cemetery near the old cedar trees (which were now very large and still quite visible to us). Patrick, James Sr. and James Jr.'s  exact burial locations however are unknown since they were only buried with fieldstones.

Ronald also says in this notes:

Providence Baptist Church cemetery located on Highway 70 a few miles from the end of Tarpine Valley Road.  All of this is in what is now Greene County, TN.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Goad and Morrison in PIttsylvania County

I ran into Jason Goad on Wednesday evening.  I told him that I have been looking at the Goad family in Pittsylvania County, Virginia in connection with what I hope is my Morrison family.  John Goad bought land on the North Fork of the Frying Pan Creek in 1753.  My research indicates that he was living next door to Patrick Morrison during the Revolutionary War.  Patrick's land was on Frying Pan Creek.

Last fall when we had our Morrison homecoming in Pittsylvania County, I wrote a blog post that includes information about the location of this land close to the end of the post:

Jason and I exchanged contact information and yesterday morning I sent him an e-mail giving him some information about my Morrison line and the Goad line that is intermarried and living next door in Pittsylvania County.  Also I included information about who had signed:

Petition for the State of Franklin was made to the General Assembly of North Carolina in December 1787. It is also known both as “Petition from Inhabitants of Western North Carolina Concerning a Separate Government” and “Petition of the Inhabitants of the Western Country.

You can find this information on my blog post (again close to the end)

Patrick Morrison and his family, John Goad Jr. (interpreted as Good in the document transcription that I looked at) and Gabrielle Goad and William Goad as well as Owen Atkin and Benjamin Hensley signed.  Almost certainly these people were moving together from Pittsylania County area to the Nolichuky and Wautauga area.  There may have been others that I don't recognize yet.  Jason's answer to my e-mail indicated that the Goad family may have been the driving force  for this move!  John Sevier was the nephew of John Goad, Jr.  Sevier was the son of John Goad Jr's sister, Joanna, who had married Valentine Sevier.  There was family over among the inhabitants of the Western Country!

So here is the information that Jason Goad shared with me:

It looks like this is one of the John Goads in my direct blood line.  The name John and Aaron go back hundreds of years and seem to alternate.  But, if you look at the entries from 1753 you will see Pittsylvania county.  Also, if you ever have any questions about Goads, the Michael Nestor (whose email is at the top) knows more than anybody.  Anyway here is the link:

And here is the information from Michael Nestor's site that is relevant:

 1771, 23 Jul Bedford Co Will Bk 1, p 132-34 (dated 7 Jul): John Goad's will proven, executor his son John.  Listed daus Joannah
.                   Sevear, Elisabeth Cox, Hanna Bennet, Ann Risden, sons William, Abraham, Robert, William, son Abraham's son James, and
.                   grandson Thomas Goad, son of John, and wife Ann Goad:
In the Name of God Amen:
.                                  I John Goad of Bedford County, Being in Perfect Sence and Memory, do constitute and appoint, this my last wlll and Testament.
.                   Emprimus  First, I Bequeath my Soul, to Almighty Goad that gave it me, and my Body, to be Buried in A Christian like manner, at the descretion of
.                                   my Executor.
.                         Item   I give to my Daughter, Joannah Sevear, one Shilling Sterling, to be paid out of my Estate.
.                         Item   I give to my Daughter, Elisabeth Cox, one Shilling Sterling, to be paid out of my Estate.
.                         Item   I give to my Daughter, Hannah Bennet, one Shilling Sterling, to be paid out of my Estate.
.                         Item   I give to my Daughter, Ann Risden, one Shilling Sterling, to be paid out of my Estate.
.                         Item   I give to my Son, William, one Shilling Sterling, to be paid out of my Estate.
.                         Item   I give to my Son, Abraham, one Shilling Sterling, to be paid out of my Estate.
.                         Item   I give to my Son, Robert, one Shilling Sterling, to be paid out of my Estate.
.                         Item   I lend to my Son, William, the Use of my Cow known by the Name of Blossom, with her Increase, till his son John, Shall come to the
.                                  age of twenty one years, and then the property to vest in Sd. John, But if the Sd John Shoud die, without heir, then the Sd. Cow and her
.                                  Increase to be devided among the rest of my Son William's Children.
.                         Item   I lend to my Son, Abraham, the Use of my Cow known by the Name of Star, with her Increase, till his son James Shall come to the age
.                                  of twenty one years, and then the property to vest in Sd. James, But if Sd James Should die without heir  then the Said Cow, with her
.                                  Increase to be devided among the rest of  my son Abraham's Children.
.                         Item   I give to my Grandson, Thomas Goad, Son of John Goad, my least gun.
.                         Item   I give to James Waldrop, the gun he has, of mine.
.                         Item   I give to my Loving Wife, Ann Goad, all of the Estate that She brought with her, when we was married, and all the rest of my personal
.                                  Estate, not yet menion'd, after my Just Debts is paid, I lend her the use of During her widowhood, and at her marriage, or Death, to be
.                                  Equally Devided between my son John Goad and his Children.
.                         Item   I lend to my Son, William Goad, the use, of that part of my land that he now lives on, as it is mark'd of to him During his life, and at his
.                                  Death, the property to vest in his son, John Goad, and his heirs for ever.
.                         Item   I lend to my Son Abraham Goad the use of that part of my land that he now lives on, as it is mark'd of to him, During his life, and at his
.                                  Death the property to vest in his son James Goad and his heirs for ever.
.                         Item   I lend to my Loving Wife the use of that part of my land where on I now live as it is laid of to her which She agrees to take for her thirds
.                                  During her life.
.                         Item   I lend to my Son, Robert Goad, the use of the upper part of my Land as it is mark'd of to him, and that part, that is laid of for my wifes
.                                  thirds, after her death.  I also lend him the use of as long as he lives, and at his Death the property to vest in his Son, Thomas Goad, and
.                                  his heirs for ever.
.                         Item   My Will and Desire is, that my Son John Goad, do receive all my Just dues, and pay of all my Just Debts, out of my personal Estate, if
.                                  My Dues Should not be Soficient.
.                         Item   I constitute and appoint, my Son, John Goad, Executor of this my last Will and Testament, given under my hand and Seal, this Seventh
.                                  Day of July 1771.
.                         Interlined before signed                                                                                                                  his
.                         (the use of)                                                                                                           JOHN GOAD              Imprimus Seal
.                         In the presence of Edward Wade,                                                                                                  hand and
.                         Geo. Phillips, Peter Bennet

on the rest of the information in Michael Nestor's VERY helpful timeline I would comment that The main thing that Michael Nester  forgot or ignored in the timeline are the dates of  the formation of the counties.  Lunenburg was not created out of Brunswick until 1746 and Pittsylvania County was not created out of Halifax until 1766.  But it is clear that these Goads were all living down in the area of what is now Bedford and Pittsylvania Counties as early as our Morrisons and etc.

Two more thoughts that I might think about another day:  First that we could probably figure out which John Goad it is living next door to Patrick Morrison by marriage dates.  I don't have the intermarriages between the Goad family and the Morrison family in my head.  Need to work with my h2 Morrison group on that.  and second is a crazy random idea:

I pulled out my Richmond County book on marriages and relationships….I wish that I had a will book instead so that I could have looked at a transcription of the will of 1737 for which John Goad was administrator or executor…can’t remember which…but Catherine Williams Goad (wife of Abraham Goad in Richmond County) who was the mother and grandmother of all of this brood of Goads married 2nd (after death of her Goad husband) William Smith.  Funny coincidence, huh?  There are lots of Smiths!  So may or may not be of interest.