Saturday, December 14, 2013

Savage Grant

In my area of the country there are still markers along what the surveyors call the military line that are original markers from the surveys made for the Savage Grant.  My husband and I and my son and daughter-in-law bought land between Barboursville, WV and Huntington in the Pea Ridge area.  I spent some time with the surveyor and was amazed at the fact that we found two of the markers while looking at the boundaries of our land.

Below is a photo of the larger of the two stones.  The people that own the property on which the stone stands, elected to paint the "x" with white paint.

This sign stand along Route 60 between the two entries into the town of Barboursville.  Remember that when the ladies of the Colonial Dames erected this sign, Route 60 would have been the major highway in the area.  

A map of the Savage Grant can be found on the Marshall University Special Collections website at:

I just tried to access the map at that URL and was directed to the main page of Special Collections.  I used the search term Savage to get to:

Another article about the Savage Grant can be found at:

Militia at the battle of Great Meadows in 1754

John Savage was the lieutenant under Andrew Lewis in the militia in 1754.  A list of other men in the same militia group can be found at:

There is another version of this at:

Both give Crozier’s Source: Crozier's "Virginia Colonial Militia"pp. 9-57  as the source for their information.

There seems to be similar information in:
The soldiery of West Virginia, in the French and Indian War, Lord Dunmore's ... By Virgil Anson Lewis

Information about lots #32,33, and 34 is found at:

Information on Savage Grant found on KYOWVA website:

Where were the men in this militia group from in this time frame?