Saturday, June 28, 2014

Coffin Family of Nantucket

Nancy Magnuson sent me information about our mutual Coffin family.  Both of us descend from Tristram and Dionis Coffin.  Nancy descends through their son, Tristram.  I descend through their daughter, Mary who married Nathaniel Starbuck.  This post is not about Tristram and Dionis nor about their children.  Instead I want to put some URL's and some information to follow up on later about the origins of Tristram Coffin's ancestors.  Some of which Nancy sent me and some that I have found from sites that she suggested.

Nancy was lucky enough to have made a trip and taken photos of her own that relate to the Coffin family before Tristram and Dionis moved from England to what is now New England on our shores:

I have some pictures of this past trip at

One of the things that I notice on this blog is that at the bottom of the post there are related posts mentioned that one can follow up on.  I would like to add that to my blog.

Nancy sent me the name of a book:

hi, Marsha.  Was just thinking we haven't been in touch for quite a while though I see you a lot on the listserv.  I wanted to recommend this book to you -- Carminow by Elsie Balme.  It's an historical novel about Roger de Carminow, 13th century, and ancestor of Marie Boscawen Coffin  (and us, of course).  Roger claimed to be descended from King Arthur so that's fun to think about!  --Nancy

My answer to Nancy:

Thank you so much for thinking of me, Nancy!  Just bought it for $4.99 on my Kindle.....I have been reading lots of historical fiction recently via one was not available in that format....but I'll try to get around to reading it and get back to you.

I am reading Carminow at this point in time and is what inspired me to work on this particular blog post. For my review of the book go to:

Nancy suggested that I might want to look at the following:

The connection is through Marie Boscawen who married Peter Coffin.  Marie's parents were Philippa Carminowe and Hugh Boscawen. Then I traced them back from The Visitation of Cornwall.  If you haven't used the Visitations before, you should take a look