Thursday, March 13, 2014

Webb in the area near Warren County, Kentucky

 This post is more of a list of things that I have found that may or may not have bearing on my puzzle.  There is no real organization....more like bits and pieces of the puzzle...with the hope that as I gather more information, I can sort this into things that are indeed part of my solution and clues that are not relevant.  I hope to add clues from other people as I go.

I attended the Kentucky Historical and Genealogical Society's second Saturday event in March 2014  and wanted to practice what I had learned in Josh Taylor's talk on Information Overload; Managing Online Searches and their Results (  So I formulated a google search:  William AND Webb AND (Warren County AND Kentucky) to see if I could add to the information that I already had found about a migration from Montgomery County, Virginia into Warren and on into Illinois which was a part of a theory that I was trying to prove or disprove.

One of the first hits gave me a transcription of the 1810 Warren County Tax List that can be found at:

The Webb men found in this list are:  Lazarus, Eli, Henry, Martin, John, and William.

Because I believe my ancestor to have been William Webb, I also noted that there are also William Webbs in Logan County in 1810.  And there is a William Webb in Barren County in 1810 as well.

So the question is who are these men.

Information from Winnie Whitaker ( helped shed some light on these names:

 My Webb family did settle Warren County.  It was along the Green and Nolin rivers which later became Hart, Grayson and Edmonson Counties.      There was one other family of Webbs who passed thru moving north ca 1800, Lazarus and Moses.  They were an unrelated line.   Mine was the Martin Webb family.  He brought his children, their familes, some nephews and nieces and their families as well.     Martin was the son of Merry Webb of Virginia. He married Judith Bolling.

In 2017 I am looking in Henry County while doing a bit of Morrison research.  I have found Merry Sr., Merry Jr. and James Webb (James Webb is named as a son of Merry Webb on this list) on a Titheable List Taken By Robert Chandler for 1767 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.  I am reading this list via JSTOR:

Tithables of Pittsylvania County, 1767 (Continued)
Source: The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 23, No. 4 (Oct., 1915), pp. 371-380
Published by: Virginia Historical Society
Stable URL:
Accessed: 29-09-2017 22:41 UTC
It is a PDF made from the above source.

Winnie added the following:

My line came to Kentucky in 1796.  Martin Webb, son of Merry Webb, was born ca 1740 and moved his family from Halifax /Henry County Va. to Burke Co, NC by 1772.  From there he moved down to the Greasy Cove/Nolichucky River area of Tn.  Back to Buncombe NC /Wilkes County area in 1780's.    By 1790 he was in the Greenville S.C area on the Saluda River with other members of his family.  He and his extended family were in Logan, later Warren Co Ky by 1796 on the Green River.  Others of the family included Harrison, Houchen, Pace, Jones, Jett, Hazelip and Morris.The area is now Edmonson County Ky and most of his original land belongs to the Mammoth Cave National Forest.

For information about the geography of this area, go to my blog post:

Another hit gives information about a Webb family that is said to have originated in Northumberland County, Virginia who have a Lazarus and an Eli and seem to have lived in Warren County before they moved to Franklin County, Illinois:

Northumberland County would have been in the Northern Neck of Virginia.

This would NOT have been Winnie's Webb family.  It is instead the Webb family belonging to Charlene Reeds-Ebling ( and Dian Mahaney ( .  I am acquainted with both of these researchers through the Northern Neck Mail list.   Here is information that I have saved from each of them:

I am descended from two of Thomas' grandsons, who relocated to Charlotte Co. VA. then Warren Co. KY, and about 1815-18 settled in Franklin Co. IL.  (Dian indicated that Lazarus was in Warren County as early as 1797 and that Lazarus and Eli had two younger brothers;  William b. 17Dec 1776 and Charles)

Thomas and his wife Elizabeth had four sons and two daughters; William, John, Lazarus, Thomas, Judith and Winefred.These are all pretty basic "Webb" family names, except Lazarus. We looked to see if Elizabeth was a TAYLOR, but it appears now that she isn't. I am descended through his son Lazarus.

Our best clue so far has been the DNA suggesting Thomas was related to Giles Webb. His descendants (I believe) are in Richmond and Essex Cos.

and also from Dian:

My WEBB ancestors born in Northumberland Co. moved from NLD. to Charlotte Co. VA then to Warren Co. KY, then to Franklin Co. IL. My maternal great granparents were, I believe, third cousins. Charles H. Phillips was a descendant of Lazarus Webb and Nancy Creek. He married Jo Webb, she was a descendant of Eli Webb and Margaret Sandusky.

Lazarus and Eli were brothers born in Northumberland Co. DNA shows that their paternal grandfather Thomas Webb (ca. 1720-1783) and maternal grandfather John Webb (ca. 1720-1771) were related. 

and from Charlene:

I am descended from two of Thomas' grandsons, who  relocated to Charlotte 
Co. VA. then Warren Co. KY, and about 1815-18  settled in Franklin Co. IL. ...
Charlene and Dian cleared up confusion that I had found on the internet about Nancy Creek.  She is NOT my 4-gr-grandmother since she married a Lazarus Webb rather than a William Webb.  I was very happy to get that clarified.

Census information
In the next part of this blog post I a going to look at the various William Webbs found in tax lists and in censuses in this part of KY.

The William Webb found in Barren County, Ky in 1810 is perhaps the right age for my 4-gr-grandfather.    My William Webb is 60-70 in the census of 1830 in Clay County, Illinois.  I know this to be my 4-gr-grandfather. That makes his birthday somewhere between 1760 and 1770.  The William Webb in Barren County in 1810 is 45 or over.