Friday, April 25, 2014

Harris DNA group #27

Please remember when reading through the below that much of it may not be true.  This post is just a place to hang some information that I was looking at in Spring 2014 that I don't want to loose.

I was sorting out some thoughts tonight about Trey Harris' line in Goochland County, Virginia.  Trey is a yDNA match to my children's great uncle, Everett Harris.   What do I know about Trey's Harris family when they lived in Virginia?  First, Trey descends from Samuel G. Harris and his wife Trifenah Harris.  This couple married in Buckingham County, Virginia 30 Sept 1790.  Trifenah's maiden name was Harris.  The marriage was performed by Rev Chastaine.  Rev Chastaine was affiliated with the same church of which Sarah Guthrey and John Apperson were members.

Buckingham Baptist Church was founded on May 7, 1771. Rev. Rene Chastain became its first pastor, and he pastored the church for 53 consecutive years from 1771 until his death in 1823.

We have another yDNA match, Chris Harris, who also descends from Samuel G. Harris and his wife, Trifenah Harris and thus we consider him a part of our DNA group #27.  Samuel G. and Trifenah moved their family to Union County, SC by 1791 as their son, Thomas, is said to have been born about 1791 in Union County, SC.  Trey's family has remained in that area for several generations.

Ancestry sites have information that would connect Samuel G. Harris to Thomas Harris who was born in Goochland County, Virginia in 1743.  Thomas' will is found at:

Note that his witnesses are Thomas and Richard Harris and that I do not have them among the list of children for this couple....have I missed them or are these men another relationship to Thomas?  Perhaps brothers?

This could be correct as Samuel G. and Trifenah name their first son Thomas.  

What do I know about Thomas and Sarah/Sally Harris?  

Sarah leaves a will.  Her husband is already deceased.  The will is dated 18 Jul 1810 and proved in Oct of that same year.  Union County WIll Book A pp. 157-158

Here is the link to will: 

But the main reason that I started this post is that I didn't want to loose some thoughts that I had this spring about this family.  As I was looking at some of the Ancestry information about them one night, it came to me that they were Quaker.  So I pulled out my Hinshaw CD and found the following:  There is a marriage between Daniel Harris and Mary Hutchins in the records for Henrico MM:

Ancestry site says that Daniel was born in Hanover County in 1705

If this is right parents for Trey, Pat says that this Harris line is DNA group #20.

Then I started looking at the Lacy family.  Trey and I think there is a possibility that we may be cousins with an ancestor in our past with last name Lacy....very iffy....but possible.  

Ira Harris had a post:

that mentions a marriage between Thomas Harris and Sarah/Sallie Lacy.  And he gives the Douglas Register as a possible source.  Ancestry has the Douglas Register at:

Original data: Douglas, William,. The Douglas register : being a detailed record of births, marriages and deaths together with other interesting notes, as kept by the Rev. William Douglas, from 1750-1797 : an index of Goochland Wills : notes on the French-Hugeunot [sic] refugees who lived in Manakin-Town. Richmond, Va.: J.W. Fergusson & Sons, 1928.

Hmmmmmmmmm....there is Trey's couple and my ancestors one after the other......but no reason yet to expect to be cousins or whatever.  My Sarah/Sally Lacy married Perrin Farrar...his Sarah/Sally married Thomas Harris.  


Friday, April 11, 2014

Beuhring "Reunion"

Melba Guard came for a visit this week from the Cincinnati area.  Both of us descend from the man pictured to the left (Frederick George Lewis Beuhring) and his wife (Frances Elenore Dannenberg Beuhring) who is pictured below.
Melba contacted me via e-mail after reading several of my posts on this blog on our mutual Beuhring line.  Debbie Campbell who is president of KYOWVA had also given Melba my name.  We agreed to spend several days together gathering information in the Cabell County area to add to Melba's research. She is creating a biography of Frederick Konig Beuhring and also of his father, Frederick George Louis Beuhring.  (

Frederick George Louis Beuhring

The family folklore is that FGL had the portraits painted to send to his family in Germany so that they could see his wife and show off the fact that they were well and had prospered.  After WWI or II, the descendants of the family in Germany were in need of money and contacted descendants of FGL in the United States to see if someone might be willing to buy the portraits to raise a bit of cash.  Someone in the family of Kitty Forbes did just that.  Kitty took me to see the portraits.  For more details about this story, see blog post:

Frances Elenore Dannenberg Beuhring

Melba is writing a biography of FGL's son Frederick Konig Dannenberg Beuhring.  FKD is Melba's gr-grandfather and my 2-gr grandfather.  FKD married Frances Eleanor (Fannie) Miller in Guyandotte, Virginia in 1838.  Fannie and FKD had nine children.  I descend from their seventh child, Nora Belle (Bird) Beuhring.  Fannie died 12 Oct 1882.  Fannie's youngest son was only seven when she died.
Frederick Konig Dannenberg Beuhring and Frances Elenore Miller Beuhring

FKD wasted no time finding a second wife.  1 Nov 1883 FKD married Mary Jane Earle.  FKD and Mary Jane had two children:  Victor Earl Beuhring and Harold Earl Beuhring.  Melba descends from Harold.  Harold is Melba's grandfather.  During this visit from Melba and her husband, Cliff, we looked at a collection of papers in the Marshall University Special Collections that have been donated by Larry Beuhring on our mutual Beuhring family.  Larry descends from Victor Earl Beuhring.  I was able to get in touch with Larry through Facebook and now have his phone number and e-mail address.  His papers are very well done and are quite worth reviewing if you have a connection to this family.

I will add information about these families in another post.  Other links to Beuhring information in previous posts on my blog are: