Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Beuhring Home in Huntington, WV

Frederick Konig Dannenburg Beuhring

My 2-gr-grandfather was Frederick Konig Dannenburg Beuhring.  He married Frances Eleanor (Fannie) Miller 11 Nov 1857 in Guyandotte, Virginia.  F.D. was born 17 July 1828 in Barboursville, Virginia.  Fannie was born 12 March 1838 in Guyandotte, Virginia.  They were a very attractive couple as you can see by the photos.   F.D. been sent to Germany to be educated.  I have been told that the log cabin in Ritter Park was originally used by the vineyard keeper for F.D. Beuhring.

Frances Eleanor (Fannie) Miller Beuhring

I was going through piles and files today and found the following letter that was published in the Kyowva newsletter in the summer of 1998

Here is a map of Huntington.  I interpret the foot of seventh street to be where seventh street meets the river but far enough back to have been safe from high water.  It is said that the Beuhring family had a wharf.  F.D. Beuhring's father had been involved in import and good from all over the world in Baltimore, MD before his move to what is now Cabell County, WV.  The A on the arrow is not indicative of anything.  It was placed there by google maps.  I would guess the Beuhring family to have lived closer to where the Huntington Civic Center is now

I am not clear without some more research if it was the B&O or the C&O that would have taken the old Beuhring house as a station.  Certainly it would have been the C&O that would have sent the very first train into the new town of Huntington.  I would also like to add names of neighbors to the Beuhring family and also perhaps a picture of the Savage grant showing what the Beuhring land probably encompassed.  All of the farms along the river before they were sold to the developer to found the new town of Huntington are said to have started at the river and gone back into the hills.  The Beuhring farm  would have contained what is now Ritter Park as part of their farm.  

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