Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Below is a map taken from Ruth Sammons Nassar's book, My Begetters, Salmons.  I am wondering if the Salmon and Rowland families were in the general area around the creek that is named Leatherwood 

In Nov of 2013 I was looking something up for my closest autosomal DNA match in Ruth Salmons Nassar's book and see that Thomas Salmons who was born in 1802 to Rowland and Frankie Carter Salmons is said to have been born at Leatherwood in Henry County, Virginia.

In 1766 Pittsylvania County was created, but it was still wild, very sparsely settled.  In these early raw days the Rowland and the Salmon family settled in an area later to be cut off to form Henry County, on Smith River in a location called Leatherwood because of the tough, leather-like willows which grew on the banks of the river.  

What caused me to spend a bit of time this evening scanning the map and adding it to my blog was a note on the Granville, NC mail list about a man named John Watson who lived on the Leatherwood Creek, Horse Pasture, and Cherry Stone area of Henry and Franklin Counties.  It might be interesting to look into where the Watson and Johnson had moved from and also if they are mentioned as neighbors of the Salmon or Rowland families.  

Another thought to pursue is that Patrick Henry may have lived on land in the same general area

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  1. I know john watson, who lived on horsepasture creek.