Thursday, November 7, 2013

Webb families in Warren County, Kentucky

What do I know about Warren County and area in Kentucky?  The area must have been growing quickly in the time period of 1796:

In June 1796, all of Western Kentucky was either in Logan or Hardin County.  Logan was the southern part....Hardin was the norther part.

By June 1797, the southern part that had been Logan had been split into (going from east to west) Greene, Warren, Logan, Christian

By June 1799, Barren had been carved out of Warren and  Greene

By 1810 there had been no more huge boundary changes in Barren, Warren, and Logan counties.  The below map shows in pink where Warren County is located today:

The following Webb males are found in tax lists in the following years in Warren County: 
1802 Martin Webb, Sr  Green River
        Lazarus Sinking Creek
        William Webb
1803 Merry
        Martin Green River
        Henry Beaver Dam
1804 Martin Sr. Green River
1805 William
         Martin Green River
        Martin Jr.  Green River
1806 Martin
1807 Martin

I have a note in my files that says:  Lazarus and Eli Webb lived in Warren County until they moved to Illinois about 1815-1818.  Lazarus was here as early as 1797. Lazarus and Eli have two younger brothers:  William b. 17 Dec 1776 and Charles.  My notes say information from   This same lady says that Elizabeth and Lazarus moved to Franklin County, Illinois which is quite a bit south of Clay County.

In 1810 there is a William Webb with a young family (2 males and 1 female) in Logan County, Ky.  There is no William Webb in Illinois.  William Webb seems to be in Warren County in 1820.

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