Monday, November 11, 2013

Osborne family connections

I spent some time straightening the cubby on the chest in the office that is labelled Hensley/Webb.  In the cubby is a file that is labelled Ruth Sammons Nassar's book My Begetters Vol II Osborn and Hensley.  I am not doing major research on either family this fall, but I don't want to loose some thoughts about this family.

Ruth highly recommends a book by Elizabeth J. Harrell on the Osborn family.  I tried to access it digitally via the Family Search website....but I was not able to sign into the site on which the book was said to be available.  Family Search tells me that it is because it is copyrighted and that I can view it through a LDS FHL.  However, much to my delight, I was able to get in touch with the author by using the information at the below website and White Pages.  I have ordered the book.

While chatting with the author, I was very excited to hear that she was able to connect the early Thomas Osborns by using names of slaves.  I can hardly wait to read Betty's book!  Betty gave me permission to add her e-mail to the blog in case someone else would want to have a copy of the book:

This site also mentions a book by Donald Lewis Osborn that I would like to view that is said to be available at the Boyd County Library.  I have filed this information in a file that is labelled Boyd County Library.

I also viewed information on the FTDNA site that seems to indicate (if I am interpreting it correctly) that there is a DNA participant who believes that he descends from Edward and Sally Burchett Osborne who is a match for DNA group #1.  This group seems to have research that indicates a connection to the Five Thomas Osborne generations whose family migration took the family from England to Henrico County, Virginia.  I have sent an e-mail in hopes of contacting this possible cousin.  I tried using the e-mail address on the site to contact the participant but the e-mail was returned to me.  I will contact the Osborne DNA administrator to see if he/she can put me in touch.

My own connection to this Osborne family is through the first wife of Rowland Salmons:  Edna Osborne.  Rowland and Edna were married in Floyd County, Kentucky at Prestonsburg 7 June 1821.  I descend from their son Rowland (Bud) who married Lucinda Hensley.  Edna's parents were Edward and Sally Burchett Osborn.

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