Saturday, November 2, 2013

Coleman surname associated with my Hawkins line

I want to do a bit of a study on all possible connections with the Coleman surname in Orange County, Virginia in the time period between 1750 and 1850.

Sarah Coleman is named in the will of Benjamin Hawkins (proved in Orange County, Virginia 1857)

3rd AFter the decease of my wife, I give to Sarah F. Coleman my negro woman Judy (?) and her children to her and her heris forever.


8th All of my stock of horses, cows, sheep, hogs and plantation utensils, I give to be divided equally between Sarah F. Coleman and Mary Marshall to them and thier heirs forever.


9th It is my desire and wish that my executor sell my negro men Jack, Bill and Carter (?) and that these said negros be allowed to choose their master that the monies arising from the sale of said negroes be divided equally amongst Thomas R. Hawkins (heirs?), Sarah Coleman and Matilda W. Marshall to them and their heirs forever.

Matilda Marshall was the daughter of Coleman and Joanna Bickers Marshall.  Matilda is actually found living in the home of Benjamin and Mary/Polly Bickers Hawkins in the census of 1850.  She is 15 years old at the time.

Thomas R. Hawkins is also a nephew of Benjamin Hawkins.

So the question here is if Benjamin Hawkins is money to these three people is Sarah Coleman also related as a niece to the couple?  She is not a niece on the Bickers if she is a niece, she is a Hawkins female married to a Coleman.

What else do I know about the Coleman name?  Coleman Marshall was best buddy to both Benjamin Hawkins and to my Thomas R. Hawkins.  Not one of these men ever went to the courthouse that the other two did not tag along to sign as a witness.

Don't forget the comment in the margin on a tax sheet that .....hmmm....I think that it might have been James Hawkins.....but it was definitely a Hawkins male who was described as being a son-in-law to Coleman.

The entire night, I have been remembering that Moses Hawkins' widow, Susannah, married Thomas Coleman.  However, I don't think that this is likely to be where Sarah Coleman comes from because this entire family moves to Kentucky.  They are not likely to be around in Orange County.  Thomas had been a good friend of Moses Hawkins and a neighbor to Moses and Susannah.

Marriage between James Hawkins and Betsy Coleman 3 September 1799.  Wit Joseph Bledsoe and Reuben Scott,  bondsman Joseph Bledsoe, and Parent James Coleman.  

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