Sunday, October 28, 2012

Possible Great Wagon Road Tracks

My brother, Greg, and I played golf in September at a course called Hidden Valley in South Carolina.  The course is quite close to Greg's SC home.  It is located in Gaston, SC south of Columbia, SC.  Greg and I had a wonderful time playing that evening.  I loved the course.  Perhaps it was not in as good of shape as the course that I play at home. However, the layout was lovely.   The golfer did not view two or three other holes as one does oftentimes on public courses.  The holes wound through the property.

Below is the location of the course:

At one point on the course Greg and I viewed what looked to me exactly like the remnants of the Great Wagon Road that had once been a major route from Pennsylvania into the Carolinas and onto Wrightsboro, Ga.  I hope to go back to the course and ask if the locals know for sure that this land was on the route.  Below is the photo that I took while on hole #?

Here are the maps showing the possibility that this could have been Great Wagon Road tracks:

My Moore family would have come down the Great Wagon Road to their new home in Wrightsboro, Ga which is just outside of the town of Augusta.  It is possible that they would have chosen the route that goes through Newberry, SC rather than the one that goes through Camden.  Still it is of great interest to me that the routes existed and can still be seen in places.  

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