Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hawkins in Orange County Virginia in 1813

Oh, my gosh, I guess that I knew this in 2006, but I sure had forgotten it by 2012.  I sent the following e-mail to myself in Jan 2006.

The men listed in the personal property tax list of 1813 in Orange County, Virginia are:


I'll start with the easy ones first.  Elijah is almost certainly Elijah married to Elizabeth Scott with sons; Henry, Elijah, Elias, William and John.  John is said to have been born in 1809 and William in 1811, so they are young children and still in the home.  I don't have birth dates for the others, but I think that is a reasonable guess.

James is almost certainly James son of Benjamin and Sarah Willis Hawkins and married to Jane Bourne.  This James is I am wrong....James married to Jane Bourne is in Ky by this date.  This is another James.

Is Elijah's father still alive?  He could be....he was born in 1749 according to Ancestry.  It is not unlikely that he is Nicholas in the tax record.  Some reliable researchers say that Elijah's father is NOT Nicholas ....that his father is Benjamin who died in 1773 in Orange County and had son John who died the same year.

Benjamin is Benjamin married to Mary/Polly Bickers.  He has no children.

So that leaves James and Reuben and Nicholas.

Then I have hand written on the bottom of the page:

When go to Va, look at Reuben's material possessions in Orange County.  Millie Farmer says he died in 1812 with no will but that his possessions were inventoried. and then Witnessed by James Hawkins, and Reuben Hawkins and Thos Hawkins his security.  But this would have been a bit early for MY Thomas Hawkins....hmmmmm could this Thomas Hawkins have been part of the Zion Church beginnings instead of MY Thomas Hawkins?  But why would this Thomas Hawkins not have been on the tax list in 1813?

I think that I know why I sent the e-mail to myself instead of posting the information. .....too  many mysteries.  I just don't want to forget this information....I am filing the piece of paper before Christmas.

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