Friday, April 19, 2013

Trip to library of Virginia

Unfortunately I did not solve the mystery of parents of Thomas R. Hawkins today.  But I did look at a few things of interest.  One is a transcription of the will of James Coleman.

11th day of August 1831

son Ambrose and his son James.
Grandson Robert Morris
Son James in Kentucky

Other children nancy falconer
James Coleman
France's preacher
Daughter Elizabeth hawkins wife of James Hawkins

Executor James Coleman and friend Phillip Malloy
Attest:  George Scott, John graves and James graves

Remember that Moses Hawkins' wife married after his death a Coleman and that Benjamin Hawkins names Sarah Coleman in his will.

I also noticed that Lucy Hawkins who was the daughter of  Moses and Susannah stir other Hawkins married in Orange County.  I had always assumed that the children of Moses had moved to Kentucky and married there. Need to think about other children in Lucy's generation who could have married in orange or Culpeper and stayed behind when everyone moved to ky.

And then I noticed that the transcription of the division of land and slaves at Reuben Scott's death between Elijah and Elizabeth Scott Hawkins, Alexander and Ann Scott Hawkins and Henry Scott and George Scott mentions that some of the land adjoins land of James Coleman.

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