Monday, August 12, 2013

McKinsey in Virginia

Harriet, Bruce and I have chatted about the possibility that George McKinsey who is 5-gr-grandfather to both Bruce and me may have had roots in Northern Virginia.  I have made reference to this fact in the a post that I began and did not finish:

Every time I begin to think about the McKinsey name in Northern Virginia, I find that I have forgotten more than I know.  So this post is miscellaneous McKinsey information from that area in the right time period

In Wilmer Kerns' book:  Frederick County, Virginia: Settlement and Some First Families of Back Creek Valley 1730-1830 I find the following on page 16:

"Two pages from a Frederick County Parish record show signatures of parishioners who participated in the communion (Eucharist) during 1761-1763.  The register was found in an original book among miscellaneous Frederick County records in the Virginia State Library, Archives Division.  At the top of the register is this statement:  "I declare that I do believe there is not any transubstatiation in the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, and in the Elements of Bread and Wine, at or after the Consecration thereof by any Person Whatsoever."  This was one way of saying that the communion table was for Protestants only.

Some person who signed the parish register were:  Nicholas M_____(German), John Hite, Jacob Morgan, Thomas Caton, Mandley, James Craik, James Ireson, John Neaville, John McKensie, John Cristopher (Heintz?), James Keith, Thomas Speake, Lewis Moore, Cornelius Vansdell, Peter Hog (on June 1, 1762), Joselph Longacre (a German Signature), Joseph Glass, John Lindsey, Thomas Bryan Martin, John Sheen, Richard Paris (Pearis), John Watson, John Taylor, Edward Robinson, David Shepherd, Jeremiah Odell, John Shealy (his X mark---the only person who could not sign), Charles Smith, Gabriel Jones, Thomas Rutherford, Thomas Whitson, William Overall, Thomas Wadlington, Archibald Wager, Hunprhey Wells, Issac Russell, Thomas Lowe, John Kennedy, Joseph A____not legible, Elijah Isaacs (?), John Linsey, Daniel Bush, John Edwards, Edward Rogers, Jr, Morgan Morgan, Walter Moffett, John Waton (German), Van Swearington, John Wager, Wastley Whit, John Dark, Alex Lemen, John Jenkins, Martin _____ (German), Richard Jackman, Adam Stephen, Burr Harrison, Angus McDonald, Thomas Helm, and Henry Netherton.  With several exceptions, this list represents persons in the power structure of Frederick County in 1761-1763.  I

On page 11 Wilmer says that during the late 1740's there was a major migration of settlers from this area to the Carolinas due to disappointments over land policies of Lord Fairfax.  It has been told that some settlers paid twice for their lands.

I will add more as I have time.

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