Sunday, November 15, 2015

Salmons and Goochland/Cumberland County

I pulled some books off the shelf to reshelve them in places that make sense.  One of them is Southam Parish Land Processioning 1747-2784 by Ann K. Blomquist.  There are quite a few pages on which John Salmons is listed.  There is also one page on which William Salmons is listed and he seems to be in the same neighborhood as John.

So I decided to go on-line and see if I could get a feeling for the vicinity that is being talked about when John Salmons is among those to whom the processioning refers.  Over and over the points of reference are:  Widow Dillion's Path, Ham Chapel, Muddy are some of the references that I found about these places:

The other chapel would be between Peterville and the James River and called initially “Willis” but shortly Ham Chapel. The parish entry detailing its construction is torn but most likely stated that it was to be constructed “as the other” in size and shape, etc. Its site using the names of the time was along Pruett’s Path and Widow Dillion’s Path or today’s along Virginia Road 45 north of U.S. Highway 60 near Ashby. Ham Chapel was finished sometime in 1747, but repairs, modifications and additions were frequently needed.

I found some information about the Dumas family that includes an explanation of the area being in district #19 on the map on page 10 of this book...oh, yes, I see now that the information is actually labelled as being in precinct #19 on page 14.  This information is found at:

I have a couple of maps on one of my own posts:

OK....before I file the book, here are a few maps that help me understand this area of Precinct #19:

And in the below map Muddy Creek is labelled with the small marker.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is the area in which the Salmons Family was living when John Salmons died.  And probably all of these families could have attended the Ham Chapel if indeed it was near present day Ashby.

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