Friday, August 24, 2012

Edward Powell Hawkins

My Gr-grandfather, Jesse Marshall Hawkins, was named after his grandfather Jesse Anderson.  Jesse Marshall was born in Louisa County, Va in 1866.  My name is Marsha Ann Hawkins.  I was named after my father,  James Marshall Hawkins, who was most certainly named after his two grandfathers:  James McGregor and Jesse Marshall Hawkins.  I have never ascertained where the Marshall came from in Jesse Marshall's name.  I have some guesses.  Jesse Marshall's grandfather's best friend (if one can use documents as a way of figuring out buddies) was Coleman Marshall.  Coleman Marshall and Thomas R. Hawkins are found on many documents as witness together or for each other.  Coleman Marshall was married to a lady who was a sister to Thomas R. Hawkins' aunt.  I don't know what happened to Thomas R. Hawkins' father, but it is clear that his uncle and his uncle's buddies were looking out for him ALL of the time!

However, all of that is unrelated to the title of this post.  Thomas R. Hawkins had only one son.  His name was Edward Pinkard Hawkins.  It is very likely that Edward Pinkard was named for his grandfather as Thomas R. Hawkins was married to Matilda Pinkard.  The couple married in Culpeper County, Va.

Edward Pinkard Hawkins married Martha Jane (Jennie) Anderson and moved to Louisa County to live among Jennie's PEOPLE.  This couple had 11 children.  The males who lived to be adult were: Charles Anderson, Edward Powell,  John Lee,  Jesse Marshall, and Curry Thomas.  I have often wondered where the Powell came from.  Below is a photo of Edward Powell Hawkins.

My dad's closest DNA match, Gene Hawkins, sent me an interesting post script to my post:

A man named William Powell Coleman (b some time after 1800) was the son of James O Coleman (b 1777, Pennsylvania) and Lucy Ohio Hawkins (b 1787, on a boat on the Ohio River). Lucy's the daughter of Captain James Hawkins and Jane Bourne.  [Gene is a descendent of James and Jane Bourne Hawkins.

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