Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Harris/Apperson Bible pages

I have in my possession Bible pages that I believe were once a part of a Bible that was owned by Samuel W.  and Nancy Apperson Harris.  This couple lived in Buckingham County, Virginia and/or Appomattox County, Virginia in the early to mid 1800's.   I believe that the Bible pages belonged to Samuel and Nancy Harris because the names of the people who are listed with births, deaths, and marriages are people who were related on both sides of the family:  Apperson and Harris.

To look at the Bible pages for yourself go to:


Gregg Bonner has done a wonderful job of putting the pages on his website and also interpreting what he believes that the pages say.

Samuel and Nancy married 30 December 1824.  This date is recorded in the Bible pages.  Their youngest son, Samuel Sterling, was born 18 Feb 1848.  This date is also recorded in the Bible pages.

The family Bible came to be in the home of Samuel Sterling Harris.  Perhaps he was the last child at home or the male child most interested in owning the Bible.   I do know that it was in his possession after the family moved to WV.   By 1902, Samuel Sterling had moved to Davey, WV in McDowell County.  His son told me that a new mine had opened up at Davey and he moved there to take the job as a mine supervisor.

Samuel Sterling Harris married as a second wife Louise Frances Woodson before his move to WV.  This couple's oldest child who survived infancy was Hewitt Samuel Harris.  Hewitt Samuel Harris was the father of Everett Samuel Harris who is my DNA participant and also the owner of the Bible pages when I first learned of their existence.  Everett had received the Bible pages from his father.  He told the story that Hewitt Samuel had gone to his parents home for dinner every Sunday after church.  One of the times that he was with his parents he tore the pages from the Bible and took them home with him.  I believe that it was with the permission of his parents who did not want to give up the Bible but had very little interest in the genealogy that the pages contained.  The Bible itself has since disappeared.

Upon the death of Everett Samuel Harris in 2009,  I visited Everett's third wife and convinced her that I would make sure that Everett's genealogy information was safe.  And the pages came into my collection.  I hope to eventually donate them to the Library of VA.

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