Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ancestors in Pittsylvania County area during the Revolutionary War

The Crooked Road

I spent the day on Tuesday, September 25 in Danville, Virginia.  I was drawn there by the Virginia-North Carolina Piedmont Genealogical Society and the Danville Public Library.  My trip was via the Crooked Road.  That was a special treat in itself.  Next time I would like to have done a bit of research on the Crooked Road and do some stopping and site seeing .....and perhaps see the Crooked Road from it's beginning instead of just starting at Hillsville and driving east.

I expect to find the Salmons family in the part of Pittsylvania County that became Henry County.  And indeed I found my Rowland Salmons in a few instances.  Rowland's older brother, John Salmons, is highly visible in the records of Henry County and he is found on the Comittee of Safety:

On Thursday, January 26, 1775 the freeholders of the County of Pittsylvania convened at the courthouse and proceeded to choose a Committee for enforcing and putting into execution the Association (non-importation association), which was in violation of England’s stand on imports.  This was also recognized as rebellion against the Governor’s recent dismissal of the House of Burgesses in repsonse to rebellion in the settlements.  Among the gentlemen chosen as members of the committee were Joseph Roberts, John Payne, John Salmon and others.

The Committee of Safety for Pittsylvania proceeded to organize for military defense, as did all other colonies.  At a meeting on Wednesday, Sept 27, 1775, John Salmon was appointed Captain.

John was the first Sheriff of Henry County, which may seem insignificant to us, but in Colonial VA the office of Sheriff was the highest honor to be bestowed upon a man.That he joined with Patrick Henry, even then a colonial hero, in serving on committees and in military functions indicates that his position was one of esteem.  His appointment as Captain of the militia of Pittsylvania was also an important position.  He resigned that post in 1780, perhaps because he was no longer a resident of Pittsylvania, but of the newly formed Henry County.

I will add information about Salmons/Hensley/Morrison/Wooten lines in this spot when I get time to edit.

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