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George McKinsey's wife was Sarah Moore not Sarah Thomas as Ruby Mundell Wallace assumed

It appears that George McKinsey married Sarah Moore about 1780 using the first known child as a method of computing the date of marriage.  George and Sarah's oldest son was David and he was born circa 1781 according to the census of 1850.  He reports his age as 69 in 1850.

Sarah died in Newberry County after 24 September 1807.  On this date Sarah appeared in Newberry County, SC to sign a deed of sale, and to relinquish her dower rights to this land.  We do know that she had died prior to the departure of the family to Ohio and was buried in SC.  I am still unclear on where Sarah and George met and married even though Harriet Imrey has helped me with this.  Perhaps as I write more on this post I will have a better idea.  I might look to see just when George bought land in SC to see if it was before or after 1780.  I will be editing this post forever, so check back to see if I have updated information.  

Sarah was the niece of Nehemiah and Abigail  Thomas, this fact was brought out by the will of Nehemiah Thomas.  You may look at a transcription of this will in my post on this blog made Thursday, May 3, 2012.

 Nehemiah made his will 15 May, 1796 and died the same year, leaving bequests to several nephews, including a bequest to nephew, Nehemiah McKinsey, son of George and Sarah McKinsey. I believe that it is this will that caused Ruby Mundell Barry to assume that Sarah had been a Thomas before her marriage to George McKinsey.  She assumed that it was Nehemiah who was Sarah's uncle by blood rather than his wife, Abigail Moore Thomas, who was her aunt by blood.  

Nehemiah and Abigail were married in Orange County, NC sometime before 1764 as she was dismissed from Cane Creek MM at that time for marrying out of unity.  If you don't do a lot of Quaker research that means that she married someone not of the Quaker faith or in some way contrary to  Quaker discipline.  

In Vol I, Cane Creek MM North Carolina
1764, 8, 4.  Abigail (form Moor) dis mou.
1766, 8, 2.  Abigail (form Moore) dis mou.

1770,6,2 Abigail con her mou
1770, 7,7 Abigail gct Fredericksburg MM, SC
( I am guessing that the con her mou happened because she and Nehemiah were planning to move)
Hinshaw says that no records of Fredericksburg MM are known to be in existence. Fredericksburg MM was established in 1755 or earlier.  Bush River MM was established in 1770.  Thus Fredericksburg MM may have been the MM that was known to Abigail and her friends at Cane Creek.

In Vol V of Hinshaw, Miami (OHIO) Monthly Meeting page 131:
1809,1,14 Abigail rocf Bush River MM, S.C. dtd 1807,8,29, endorsed by West Branch MM, 10,12,17
1821,6,3 Abigail d. ae 81

I am convinced that Abigail was the daughter of Richard and Sarah Jenkins Moore who were living in Orange County, NC before the Revolution.  Look for more information on this couple in my post dated Tuesday, 24 April 2012.  Richard Moore names daughter Abigail Thomas in his will  

In a copy made from a book about Wrightsboro by Dorothy M. Jones there is an abstract of the will of Richard Moore:
s/9/20/1784--no date of pro.
Heirs, sons James and John, Mordecai, Richard, Thomas, and Jonas
Daus:  Mary Mooney, Prudence Ryan, Abigail Thomas, and Sarah Perkins
Warren County. Ga.

My good buddy Harriet Imrey has a knack for making concise clear statements that sum up what we know and I will quote her here in order to save myself some time in explaining more about the Moore family in NC:

The Moore family stayed in Berks Co PA at Exeter MM until 1755.  The certificates from Exeter were received by Cane Creek MM in Orange Co NC on 6-4, 1757, for Richard Moore, his wife Sarah (Jenkins), their son John and their daughter Prudence.  A receipt of certificate for Mordecai and Abigail Moore is not in the extant records for Cane Creek, but they had to have had one, since Cane Creek disowned both.  Abigail's dis mou was recorded on 8-4, 1764 and also on 8-2, 1766.  One of those is probably a transcription error. .. Mordecai Moore was disowned on 5-6, 1758, and Prudence Moore on 7-7, 1759.  On 11-7, 1767, Richard and wife (Sarah) and son James were granted a certificate to Fredericksburg MM, SC.  Bush River wasn't yet an MM, and Wrightsborough GA did not yet exist as a settlement, much less an MM.  The Wrightsborough plans were already in process, so the older Moores probably went straight there--they didn't stay long enough in SC to get land there (although son Mordecai did).  Fredericksburg MM was the nearest one for either the Bush River or the Wrightsborough communities as of 1767.  Son John Moore stayed in NC until 4-5, 1777, when he was granted a certificate to Wrightsborough MM (received there on 1-3, 1778).

Mordecai Moore married Mary Lackey/Leakey and Prudence Moore married a man with last name Ryan as she is named as Prudence Ryan in the will of Richard Moore.

The "icing on the cake" that caused me to adopt this Moore family was when I made a trip to Warren County, Ga.  At that time I wrote in my data base:

On a trip to Augusta, GA, I visited Warrenton, Ga and found an entry in the Warren County Court of Ordinary returns on estates 1798-1811.  on page 31 there is a list of people who were given cash in the settlement of the estate of Mordecai Moore. After cash to the administrator and cash to the widow, Mary Moore, the next entry is Geo. seems that the rest of the list is likely children or husbands of daughters ---although I can not be certain at this point.  I believe that George has traveled to Georgia on behalf of his wife, Sarah, to obtain her part of the inheritance.  The fact that he is given the money on her behalf indicates to me that the rest of the children recognize him as the husband of their sister, Sarah.  Certainly this seems to be a likely sign that Sarah McKinsey was Sarah Moore---daughter of Mordecai.  

If you click on the image it is shown by itself in larger format and easier to read.

Here are other facts that "shore up" my argument that Sarah was a Moore rather than a Thomas....Of course, the fact that I spent almost ten years trying to fit her into the Thomas family with no luck adds to my argument.  But George and Sarah name their second child Mordecai McKinsey.  I do not think that it is a coincidence that their second son carries the name of Sarah's father Mordecai.  The first daughter and third child is named Abigail (almost certainly after Sarah's aunt who is probably a great help in the household of the young McKinsey family).  The next child is a girl and is named Mary (almost certainly after Sarah's mother, Mary Lackey/Leaky Moore).  The next child is a boy and is named after Abigail's husband Nehemiah Thomas.  

In addition, in the 1880 census, the only child of Sarah and George McKinsey who is still living is Naomi.  Naomi reports that her father was born in Virginia and her mother in Georgia.  I think that the information about Georgia is probably in error.  That Sarah was more likely born in NC when the family was living in Orange County.  However, Naomi was likely to have known that her mother's family lived in Wrightsboro, Ga during Naomi's lifetime and would have assumed that her mother was born and raised there.  

After Sarah's death, George McKinsey moved all of his family to Ohio---taking Abigail with him as Nehemiah was also dead by then.  According to Ruby Mundell Barry, George sold Abigail a part of his farm and she lived there the rest of her life and left all that she had to George's children at her death.  After George had his family and Abigail settled in Ohio, he returned to Newberry County, SC to sell land to Jesse Palmer 21 Aug 1809.  He then traveled to Georgia to court Mary Moore Lacy.  Mary was a cousin to Sarah and was the widow of William Lacy.  George married Mary 21 Feb 1810 and moved her and all of her family to Ohio.  George was certainly not a lazy man.  

 George McKinzie
Mary Lacy
Marriage Date:
21 Feb 1810
Found on Ancestry July 2008

This county makes sense as in 1810 McDuffy was not yet formed from Warren and Columbia.

An interesting fact was brought up at the Newberry County gathering:  Augusta, Ga was important to early Newberry because it was easier to go to Augusta on the Great Wagon Road than to go to Charleston.  

It is quite plain to see that George had kept in close touch with the Moore family in Wrightsboro.  

Harriet Imrey just reminded me of one more great piece of evidence!  When Mary Moore Lacy McKinsey's father died in 1811, John Moore actually named George McKenzie as a son-in-law and stated that he lived in Ohio. No doubt that it is OUR George McKinsey who is in so thick with the Moore family.   John Moore died in Columbia County, Georgia.  Here is the abstract of John Moore's will:

MOORE, John s/July 1 1811.  p/July 9 1811.  Heirs: Beloved wife, Sarah.  Sons, James Moore, Hiram Moore.  Brother Richard Moore.  Sons in law Isaac Dennis, George McKenzie, in Ohio.  Enoch Jackson and John Perryman.  Grandson, John Moore, Jr., Exrs. Joseph Miller and Owen Baldwin.  Witness:  T. Tillery, William Wiley, Silas Mote.



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