Tuesday, February 17, 2015

James Moore's land used as Quaker Meeting house site

Steve found a land transaction document and Joseph typed it up and sent it to me that is of great interest to me for this trip.  It is a transaction in which James' son, John is selling a piece of land:

JAMES MOORE’S LOT ON THE WEST SIDE OF SECOND STREET IN PHILADELPHIA, PURCHASED 12 OCTOBER 1691 AND CONVEYED BY DEED FROM JOHN MOORE, HIS SON & HEIR, TO NICHOLAS PEARCE ON 2 JANUARY 1694, for use of the Quakers to build a meeting house (James Moore having prior to his death agreed to the sale to Pearce and Pearce having paid him the seven pounds price for it, the same being acknowledged in the following deed by John Moore, son of James, in order to convey title from Moore to Pearce and the Society of Friends.)

The land is described:

lying & being in the town of Philadelphia containing in breadth twenty five foot & a half & in length three hundred foot Bounded eastward with the second street southward with a vacant lott Westward with back Lotts and northward by the remaining part of the said Lott now or late in the tenure or occupation of John Redman which sd Lott was purchased by James Moore aforesaid of William Fisher blacksmith by deed dated the twelfth day of October one Thousand six hundred ninety one and by the said Fisher purchased of Robert Turner Merchant by his deed dated the last day of Aprill one thousand six hundred ninety may appear  And by the said Robert Turner purchased of Robert Whitton weaver by deed dated the twelfth day of Aprill one thousand six hundred ninety to whom the same was confirmed by patent from William Penn proprietary dated the first day of Aprill one thousand six hundred ninety (as by the just above recited indenture and by the severall other deeds of conveyance respectively relacon [relation] being thereunto had may more fully & at large appear) And now rightfully descended by the death of the sd James Moore unto the said John being his son & heir 

I am interested in knowing if a Meeting House was indeed built on this land.  While I was googling I found the following maps that I don't want to loose:

Map of Philly in 1802

And a map that shows the location of the Moore land on Cobb's Creek:

This map says 1775-1779....was there still a Moore living on this land at this time?

The Holme map of 1681


http://maps.bpl.org/id/18511  (this one can be seen at the Norman B.Leventhal Map Collection at the Boston Public Library

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