Friday, February 13, 2015

The beginning of my Passion for genealogy

A man who is looking at retirement and more active involvement in genealogy sent me a nice e-mail today.  We had been talking about Hawkins DNA results and specifically about a group of Hawkins DNA matches for whom I have very little information. 

 His e-mail said:

Thanks, Marsha.  How long has your journey been in this effort and what got you started?
My answer:
Nice question.  Probably the incident that set my course was a visit from the only woman who was living at the time who had known my Great-grandmother, Nora Beuhring Hawkins.  The lady was a niece to my gr-grandmother who had died of infection or some sort of complication after the birth of my grandfather Hawkins.  The lady brought me a photo of my Gr-grandmother and the pin that she was wearing in the photo at her collar.  I was hooked.

...... I am getting ready to leave for a trip that includes a stop in Philadelphia where I plan to stand in the spot on land on which my Moore 9-gr-grandfather and his wife, Roose, lived in the 1600s.  I have not done all of the research yet to connect me to this couple, but I am in touch with a couple of men who seem to have their paper trails in order who have helped me to make the connection.  It has been a lot of fun! 

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