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Harris, Glenn, and Coleman in South Carolina and Virginia

Terese Mitchell sent a post to the Harris Hunter list in Dec in the middle of the Holiday craziness.  I am relooking at the post today.  What caught my eye about Terese's post was the Harris, Glenn, and Coleman  name in Abbeville County, South Carolina.

Elizabeth Shown Mills talks about using the FAN club (friends, acquaintances, Neighbors) in doing research on our family lines.  I find that the Harris, Glenn and Coleman names are among the FAN group for the yDNA matches for our Harris DNA group #27.  It may be a coincidence.  It may be a clue.

My post on this blog that is dated August 19, 2012 says this:  Our Harris DNA group is a very small group with just the three DNA matches:   My participant, Trey Harris, and the brother of Ann Harris.   We are group #27.  The families of Trey and Ann are found in  Union County, SC from just after the Revolutionary War until today.  Ann still lives in Union County, SC and Trey grew up there.  If you want to read my  post from which I quote:

The Harris line that I look at that is my mother-in-law's line is found in Buckingham/Appomatox Counties in Virginia before they moved to the coal fields of WV in the early 1900's.  They were never in South Carolina.  But there is Glenn and Coleman in the neighborhood in Buckingham/Appomatox counties in Virginia that show up in the FAN club. Below is a photo of the participant who represents the Buckingham/Appomatox Harris line.  Everett Samuel Harris is now deceased.

Here is what Ann Harris says about her Harris line that is still in Union County:
On Jul 15, 2012, at 7:00 PM, Ann Harris wrote:

Hi Everyone,

.....  I am concentrating my search in York County at present.  I have found a J. M. Harris there that maybe my GG Grandfather.  My sister-in-law is getting  some information together.  I think my Harris, Glenns and Colemans  all came to Union, SC from Cumberland and Hanover counties in VA.  .....

And Trey's line seems to have originated in Buckingham/Appomatox Counties before moving to Union County, SC and as follows:

Samuel Harris born Virginia circa 1770 married Tryphena Harris in Buckingham Co. 1790
Flemming Harris born Union, South Carolina 1809 married Augusta Ann ? circa 1830
Gamewell Calhoun Harris born Union, SC 1853 married Sarah Breakfield in Union 1876
Edward Boyd Harris born Union, SC 1877 married Ida Mae Shaw circa 1900
Gene C. Harris Sr. born Union, SC 1914 married Alice T. Holden circa 1940

Be sure to read Glenn Gohr's page on our group by clicking on the link below.

The below map illustrates close proximity of all of the Harris, Glenn, and Coleman families that are mentioned in SC:  Abbeville, Laurens, Union....

Pat Clare mentioned that she is looking at Harris' who lived in Laurens County, SC who may have been interconnected with our Harris families.

Here is Terese's e-mail:

Today on Fold3, I came across an obscure family history that mentions a
Harris surname with Glenns in Abbeville, SC.  I couldn't find more about the
given name, but perhaps someone will recognize.  The file was contributed by
Mindy Penn to Fold3.  She scanned in reams of mostly handwritten pages on
the Pitts family. Also mentioned is a Calhoun connection in Carolina to the

The Pitts Family 
Lending Boook #9
by Mrs. W R Eckhaardt, Jr 
Houston, Texas
29 Mar 1968

Source information

Contributed by:
   Mindy Penn
Document Title:

   Some People
       . Mrs. W. R. Eckhardt, Jr.
       . James Glenn
       . Sally Glenn Harris
       . David Coleman
       . Charles Pitts
       . John Bartee
       . Frances Pitts
       . Lewis Mitchell
       . Peter S. Coleman
       . Henry Featherston
       . Lucy Pitts
       . Charles Featherston
       . Pitts Tucker
       . John West Pitts
       . Patience Wooten
       . William Wooten
       . John Pitts
       . Joseph Pitts
       . Peter Aiken
       . Amasa Pitts
       . Ann Pitts
       . Nancy Pitts
       . Joseph Pitts
       . Celia Pitts
       . Michael Toland
       . William Wessen
       . Elizabeth Pitts
       . Silas T. Toneray
       . Elbert A. White
       . Mathias G. Pitts
       . Josephine Nave
       . Giles Pitts
       . Katherine Fulmer
       . Sally Pitt
       . Lawrence Larry Stringer
       . Abbeville Co., SC
       . Sumner Co., TN
       . Pittsburg Landing, Hardin Co., TN
       . Hardin Co., TN
       . Shelby Co., TN
       . Giles Co., TN
       . Edgecombe Co., NC
Potontoc, MS
Begin transcription
(from the notes of Mrs. Peavy)
Estate of James Glen Pack 4012-Clerk of Court's Office
Abbeville, SC Feb 3 1763 (in which John Glen leaves
Certain negroes and property to his daughter 
SALLY GLENN HARRIS who later married David Coleman.  David then took in
possession the Negroes and then David died leaving widow Sally (Glenn)
And a son Peter S. Coleman.  His widow (Polly?) then married Thomas Bartee
and had John Bartee and FRANCES, who was the wife of CHARLES PITTS.  Frances
married second Lewis Mitchell- This document goes into the division of
property of James Glenn among these various heirs.)

End transcription

The large DNA Harris family line that seems to be intermarried with Glenn is DNA group #6.  I thought that that would be the group with which the Harris line that I look at would have connected.  It remains to be seen if there is a birth incident with our group #27 (somewhat expected from our very small participant match) or if perhaps the Harris/Glenn/Coleman connections were on the female side.  Two of our matches have a Harris male married to a Harris female.  It is possible that the couple then lived with relations on the wife's side rather than relations on the male side.  Thus those Harris/Glenn connections would not be connected to the yDNA.

The only Glenn in my data base is Daniel Coleman Glenn.  Fran has told me that Daniel Coleman Glenn was the uncle of Martha Routon Woodson as he married her mother's sister. Martha Routon Woodson was the mother of Frances Louise Woodson who married Samuel Sterling Harris in 1882.  This is the couple that my mother-in-law remembers fondly as her grandparents.  Perhaps this is a stretch on FAN club....but these people were living in the same area of Appomatox County, Virginia.

The Glenn and Kin book that I viewed with Ann Harris when I visited her in Union County, SC says:

Gulielmus Coleman buys land from Nathaniel Glen of Union County SC  14 Feb 1788.  Gulielmus Coleman is said to have been of Cumberland County, VA.  The land was 350 acres on both sides of the Couble Horsepen branch adjoining land of James Glen, Thomas Wright, Nathan Womack, William Glenn and John Macon.  (Cumberland So VA Deed BK 6 pg 468.  This was the land that had been willed to Nathan by his father in 1762.  For all we know Coleman never moved to Union County, SC.

This Gullielmus Coleman has a son named Benjamin who married Sarah Apperson.  Sarah is a sister to James Apperson and an aunt to James' daughter, Nancy Apperson who married Samuel W. Harris.  These people lived in the same area and knew each other....there is no about it.  Guillielmus also had a daughter named Elizabeth who married William Guthrie.  The Guthries were absolutely relatives of the Appersons.

I have a membership to Fold3 and I will try to look at the original information on that site if there is indeed more information.  Please check back to see if there is more information later.  This posting can always be found on my blog with posting date of January 2.  Or type Harris in the top left hand search box to narrow the posts down to those that would be of interest to you.  I also welcome editing ideas sent to my e-mail address: or additional ideas in the comments section.


  1. Hello I amd Damon E Woodson. I saw you posting about Francis Louis Woodson Harris. She was the sister to my great grandfather George Edward Woodson.

    James E. Woodson (Generation 8)
    (Pvt in 18 th Virginia Infantry Co F in Civil War)
    Martha Jane Routon Woodson (begot)
    George Edward Woodson (Generation 9)
    Julia Tuggle Woodson
    Samuel Thomas Woodson I (Generation 10)
    Sophie Perry Woodson (begot)
    Samuel Thomas Woodson II (Generation 11)
    (Captain in WWII)
    Dorothy Rainey (Dot's birth father J.
    Horace Rivers) Woodson (begot)
    Damon Eric Woodson (Generation 12)
    Jennifer Stoudt Woodson (begot)
    Persephone Kathleen
    Nicholas Perry
    Achilles Tobias Woodson

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  2. Dewey, I don't know if I replied back in 2015 to your comment. I just want to share with you that Francis Louise Woodson Harris was beloved by my mother-in-law. After the family moved to the coal fields of WV in the early 1900s, many of the years of my mother-in-law's growing up were spent living either next door or close to her Grandmother Lou. My m-i-l says that Lou raised her stepchildren, her own children, her grandchildren, and took care of her husband for many years. Sue says that Grandmother Lou was wonderful. She had everyone for dinner Sunday after church every week no matter what. Please contact me at for more information. marsha

  3. Thank you for the comment and nice to know.