Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Old Chester County, Pennsylvania and my Elliott family

I found myself enticed to answer an e-mail this morning on the Old Chester County mail list.  Sandra Ferguson is a wonderful mail list owner and the list is fairly active.  Now that the holidays are finally over and January 2013 is here, I find myself allowing myself to spend time on my computer again.

Sandra had suggested to the list that we work on our subject lines when we post a message and I responded with the following:

Think of it as being much like fishing.....try to put bait on the line that makes as many people want to open your message as possible.  Also make the subject be something that would cause that a researcher who was browsing the internet or the archives of the mail list to look at your message one more time.  While I agree with Sandra's full name and date, you might think about Elliott in W. Nottingham and Sadsbury c. 1732.  This might appeal to someone who is researching another family in this  place in the same time period....or someone who is looking at another person in your Elliott line.  Some one who might not be interested in John Elliott 1732, might be interested in the area that John lived in.  

After I wrote my message, I decided to make sure that the places that I was mentioning were indeed part of Old Chester County.  Here is a map that explains where Chester County would have been in the late 1600's:

and almost 100 years later Chester County would have looked like the below:

this map from:   http://chester.pa-roots.com/maps/ch1780.jpg

Most of my other posts about my Elliott family area about the time periods in which they lived in Virginia and North Carolina.  You can search for this information by entering Elliott in the search box in the upper left hand corner.  Check back as I will be adding to this blog post as time permits.

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