Saturday, January 25, 2014

Occaneechi Trading Path used for migration from north to south

I spent much of today transcribing a legal pad on which I made notes probably about 2004.  I think that the notes were from several NC Genealogical Society's events as well as visits to the NC archives, Guilford College Hege Library, several Quaker churches in the area....etc  I did a terrible job of making it clear from where each of the pieces of information were acquired.  As I tried to get my head together on several of the items, I found myself interested in the location of the Occaneechi Trading Path that settlers might have taken when migrating south.  The below map was taken from the Family Search site:

You may want to go to the site to view the map more clearly.  You can see a more detailed view of the trail as it goes through the NC Piedmont on my blog post:

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