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Silas Wooten, John Hunt, Isaac Williamson, River Jordan--were they buddies? Kinsmen?

I had saved several years ago a one sentence excerpt from a on-line source about the Descendents of Isaac Williamson---Richmond County, NC.  The excerpt includes the name Silas Wooten.  Is this MY Silas Wooten?  Why and where was he when the threesome witnessed the inventory of  the estate of River Jordan, Jr?

Here is the sentence found on that website:  "John Hunt may have been a brother of Nancy Hunt.  He along with Isaac Williamson and Silas Wooten witnessed the inventory of the estate of River Jordan, Jr.  on 11 Oct 1792."

First question is where is Richmond County, NC and was that where River Jordan, Jr. died?

The first question is easy via a google hunt.  Richmond County is on the border of NC and SC and is east of Charlotte and west of Fayetteville, NC.  Wow, I bet that it saw a lot of hard times during the Revolutionary war!  And indeed when I went to the genealogy site for Richmond County, it was described as having years of lawlessness followed by court action against the Tories at the end of the war.

The question of where River Jordan, Jr.'s probate took place is not as simple.  I did some quick google searches but did not turn anything up.  I'll fill this part in after I have more time to look at it.  In the mean time I want to write something else that was on my mind.

I had the Guilford County map out a few days ago to look for something for another researcher. The map that I look at is the Hughes map that I purchased several years ago and is described at:

I don't feel that I am able to put a scan of the map on-line because of copyright, but I can describe that  in the northwestern corner of the map near the William Coffin Mill and on either side of the road that is labelled Cape Fear Road are found the land holdings of my 5-gr-grandfather, Francis Worth (1787) and that of John Hunt (1786).   Silas Wooten was the son-in-law of Francis Worth as he married Phebe Worth c. 1783 using date of first child as indication.  Is it possible that it is this John Hunt who is a witness with MY Silas Wooten and Isaac Williamson for the estate of River Jordan, Jr.  Did they travel together to do this?  Or was the estate of River Jordan in Guilford County environs and Isaac Williamson traveled from Richmond County or is it another Isaac Williamson?  Lots of questions.  Are the men relatives?  friends?  what was their relationship with River Jordan, Jr.?

I have read on occasion on ancestry information that Silas' mother had maiden name Jordan.  However, I have absolutely no idea about Silas' parents at this time.....I do know that Silas enlisted during the Revolutionary War in Halifax County, Virginia.  Some people have told me that men always enlisted in their home county.  Other people have told me that there were unusual circumstances when Silas enlisted and that Halifax may have been where EVERYONE was going to enlist if they lived in NC or that part of Virginia.  I don't know yet.

However, my browsing on google tonight did show that the Jordan family were in Halifax County at some point:

A guide to the Jordan family papers held at the Library of Virginia says:

The material pertains in most part to the descendants of Samuel Jordan, who arrived in Virginia in 1609. The name Jordan became associated with a leading family of Quakers in James City, Isle of Wight, Nansemond, and Halifax counties.

I have some other thoughts that I want to add into this blog post to look at in the future.  Several years ago, Nancy Wooten sent me something that she had found:

I also want to add in in this spot the fact that there are children named Jordan in both Silas Wooten and Silas Ooten's families.....

I also do not want to loose:

Also, in one of Martha Sisler's e-mails to you
(the one about the land grant) she mentions a Lewis Whooten
or Wooten and his wife Elizabeth.  She said Lewis was the
patriarch of the Wilkes Co. Wooten's and a Quaker!  He
attended New Garden.  She also has Silas in Wilkes Co. at
some point.   These people sound like they could be his
parents.  Silas and Phoebe did name their first son William
Lewis!   I will try to find something on the Wilkes Co.
website.  I believe she said this was created from Surry Co.
Here is a little bit that I have googled on the internet....take it for what it is worth:

3.  GEORGE3 JORDAN (ARTHUR2ARTHUR1) was born in Surry County, Virginia, and died 1718 in Surry County, VA. He married MARY BROWNE Abt. 1686 in Surry County, VA. She was born Abt. 1670 in Surr County, Virginia, and died Aft. 1728 in Surry County, Virginia. 
Surry County, Virginia 
Book 7, page 145 
05/18/1718 date 
08/20/1718 probate 
In the name of God Amen I George Jordan of Surry County considering the 
frailty of this mortall life Do make and Declare my Last Will and 


Item I give unto my Son Thomas Jordan the upper part of my Land lying 
one the head of Sunken Marsh commonly called Stoney runn the said parcell 
of Land I give unto my Son Thomas Jordan and to his Heirs forever. 
Item I give unto my two Sons James and River Jordan the remaining part 
of that Land lying one Sunken marsh and Stonery runn to be Equally 
Divided between them the said parcells of Land I give to my Two Sons 
James and River Jordan and to their heirs forever and in case either of 
my sons 


This River Jordan has following information attached to him:
vi. RIVER JORDAN, b. 1703, Surry Co., VA; d. Aft. 1742, Bertie Co., NC.

Copied from:

Bertie County, NC is on the coast and not near Richmond nor Guilford Counties.

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