Monday, January 6, 2014


I have too large of a topic today.  But I want to write down some URL's that I don't want to loose.  So this is an outline of perhaps many blog posts that I would like to write.  I just finished the book about King's Mountain and am interested in looking at Campbell and the Virginia militia that he brought with him to fight that battle.     234

I have a note that Mary Kegley in Vol III of Early Adventurers on the Western Waters said that Bazle Castle had stated in his Revolutionary War petition for pension that he had had to stay home while his father went to fight at King's Mountain.  I spent time tonight reading the pension application on Fold3 and could not find that assertion.'s_War_in_Southwest_Virginia?file=Forts_of_SW_VA.j

I would like to add information here about Witcher.

By chance, the first thing this next morning that I saw on my computer was:

German Rhyme telling of suffering of the Mennonites

Shared by Brenda Reed:  Yelles Kasel C.1590-c.1681 of Kreisheim, Palatinate, Germany.  See  for a more complete history of the Cassel Family.

Ok, so the first thing to work on is a connection between Jacob Castle and Hans Peter Cassel.  Does anyone have proof of this connection?

There is a book that can be read on-line at:

This seems to have been written by  a man named Daniel Kolb Cassel of Germantown, Philadelphia.  He says that he is a direct descendent of a grandson of Yelles Cassel (Hubert Cassel).  This seems to be the right family, but I did not see anything (with a very brief look) about any of the family that did not remain in Pennsylvania.

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