Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fred Hornberger's Naturalization

Charlotte and I compared notes on our family folklore.  Charlotte's family folklore says that Fred Hornberger came to the United States alone.  I had always assumed that Fred and his sister, Lena, came with their mother (Barbara Schweickart Hornberger Unger) and their step-father (George Unger).  We know from the Naturalization papers of George that he said that he was German and that he had left from port of Havre and arrived in New York, 15 July 1880.  I will put a copy of his Naturalization papers on this site.  However, I have temporarily lost the USB drive on which I copied them.  So I either need to make another trip to Ironton or find the USB drive

However, here is a copy of the Naturalization of Fred Hornberger:

I believe the date to have been 2 September 1886.  He says that he came to the US about the date of July 1880.  OK....that truly makes me think that he was traveling with his mother and step-father!  It would not have made sense for them to have arrived the same month via different ships.

Frederick Hornberger was born in 1865, so he would have been 21 at the time of his Naturalization.  I do not know why the document says Naturalization of minor....I would have thought that he was an adult at this time.  Perhaps he had started the process before he turned 21 in July of that year.

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