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Feist Family

Ludwig Feist has been such a huge help to John Schweickart and to me in getting started with the original records found on the internet for the area in which John's and my mutual Schweickart ancestors lived in the early to mid 1800's and before,  I wanted to think if there was anything that I could do in return to help Ludwig with his own research.

Ludwig's Feist family are found in the Alsace Lorraine area of what is now France as early as 1729. The family lived-in Kaidenbourg, Siegen in what is now France, but has been part of Germany in some periods of history.  I am guessing that the district is Wissembourg which is the same district as that for Lembach where my own ancestors lived in this same time period

Ludwig's part of the family moved to Russia 1808 when they disappear from the records in Kaidenbourg.  They remain in Russian until they disappear from the records c. 1892 and perhaps a bit later.

 His comment:

The Feist family members from whom I descend immigrated to russia in 1808.  I had uncles and cousins who then immigrated to the US and Canada as early as the 1880's.  My direct line began in the US with my grandpa and his brothers who moved to these shores in 1903.  They were soon followed by his parents and his sisters in 1905.

Ludwig has other lines of grandparents who also lived in the area who are connected to his surname of Feist that he finds in records as early as the 1650's.  Those surnames are:


And this is very fun from Ludwig:

My grandfather married a Lauinger girl who was also from Russia her family was in the area of Wintzenbach from 1730-1808 also left kin behind into 1892+ who continued to live in the Alsace Lorraine area that is now in France.  Through her line I am a cousin of Lawrence Welk.

Ludwig's own family moved from the Kaidenbourg area to Russia in ,,,,date.....and then on to American shores in......

One of the puzzles that Ludwig has not yet solved is involves relatives of his ancestors who moved directly from Kaidenbourg to the United States.  Because his own ancestors had moved to Russia 50 years before, they may not have even known of the existence  of these Feist relatives .......fill in 
Here is a puzzle that Ludwig is working on at this time:

The year is 1869 in the month of April

Marguerithe and Catharine Feist (sisters and 3rd cousins 3 times removed from me) left Kaidenbourg, France boarded the SS Hammonia and disappeared into New York.  I found their passenger manifest on family search I am attaching an image of the page I found them on #'s 521 and 522.   The Behm, Schnepf and Thomas names near theirs are also from Kaidenbourg area, may have been their travel companions.

Marguerithe was born 22 jul 1845 her sister Catherine was born 18 nov 1849. They were unmarried at time of their arrival in New York in 1869.

Just a note I do have some Feist kin in the College point, NY area about the same time they are from the members of my family that went to russia. I do not think they knew of the French side as their ancestors had left france some 50 years earlier.  They may show up in your searches as well.

I poked around on ancestry just a bit for Ludwig and found a Maggie Feist in the household of George and Katie Fritz.  Could this be the two young ladies on the boat?  Do the ages work?  Could George Fritz also have been on the boat?

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