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John and Mary Long Hawkins line

I heard from a researcher this week who believes that she descends from Elizabeth Hawkins who is the daughter of the couple I refer to as John and Mary Long Hawkins.  I have to start this post with the fact that I am fairly sure that Mary did not have maiden name Long.  Definitely Elizabeth who married Nicholas Hawkins before 1750 when she is named in her father's will did have maiden name of Long:

Will of John Long.  Will Book B. St. George’s Parish.  d. Jan 31 1750.  proved July 7 1752.  Wit. Philip Vincent Vass, Thomas Merry.  Ex.  Wife Elizabeth Long.  Leg. wife, Elizabeth, grandson, John Hawkins, daughter Elizabeth Hawkins, granddaughter, Elizabeth Hawkins.  (page 117)

But I have never found anything to indicate that Mary who was wife of John Hawkins had parents with surname Long.  And certainly she is not the daughter of John and Elizabeth Long who both left wills and did not name a daughter Mary Hawkins.  However, there are a LOT of John Hawkins' in early Virginia and researchers have identified this man with wife Mary Long for so many years that it is just easy to continue doing so.

In chatting with my new buddy, I began pulling out information about the John and Mary Long Hawkins family.  As I was saying above, my new buddy believes that she descends from the daughter of John and Mary Long Hawkins, Elizabeth, who married George Smith aka Noblett.  

I have many, many transcribed documents from this family line as well as gathering already transcribed documents that involve family members of this group.    Too many to begin to list.  However, I spent the evening last night looking at some of them.  Every time I start on one of the Hawkins families in early Virginia, I throw up my hands at some point as I just can not seem to sort then all out.  However, I wanted to jot down a few thoughts that are on my mind after all of my reading,

First of all, I have another blog post that deals with Spotsylvania County which is where the John and Mary Long family lived.  It can be found at:

Read that before moving to the below.

Another blog post written by me includes the following information:    This family seems to be found in Spotsylvania County in 1740 when John died.  Other researchers have told me that John migrated to these shores sometime between 1705 and 1720 and settled first in St. Anne's Parish in Essex County, Virginia.  He bought land in Spotsylvania County from Thomas and Larkin Chew 1723-1725.  He is said to have moved to Virginia with his brother, Philemon Hawkins.  This  idea is reinforced by the fact that he named a son Philemon.  Others say that both John and Philemon and their families lived first near Todd's Bridge over the Matapony River in what was then King and Queen County. ......

So the first question is I know very little about Spotsylvania County.  The URL above takes me to information about when it was formed and what it looked like in 1721.  But What did it look like in the time period in which the John and Mary Long family lived there?  And why did some of them move to Hanover County in the late 1700's?

I chose the below map from the list of images for Spotsylvania County because it represents to me the fact that one could live in any of the three counties:  Louisa, Hanover, and Spotsylvania and have a neighbor in an adjoining county.  This map can be found at:

Hmmmmmm.....gonna take a break and look at the Arnold family in Spotsylvania/Louisa/Orange post dated Oct 5, 2014.

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  1. I am a Matlock descended from Aaron Crockett, son of John Crockett and Rebekah Hawkins. Currently I am working on gathering more information on the various Hawkins lines because my daughter-in-law is a DNA match to a Crockett descendant on their chromosome 9 and I am a cousin through the same Crockett but he and I share no DNA. That happens!!!

    Although I share no DNA with this same Crockett DNA match to my daughter-in-law, he and I share David Crockett, Sr. and Elizabeth Hedge(s) as a common ancestor. From my past DNA Crockett matches via David and Elizabeth, I know this is match is on my chromosome 10.

    I have also connected genetically through my DNA tests to other Hawkins descendants. Have you taken a DNA test yet with Ancestry, Family Tree DNA or 23 and Me or all three. I have on all three and would love to find out if you and I share any DNA via the Hawkins line.

    I'm on blogger as well:
    documenting my family lines and our DNA research of our lines.

    I hope you join us!!!