Sunday, October 26, 2014

John Salmons of Cumberland County and Rowland neighbors

I just bought a book from Craig at the Virginia Genealogical Society's fall event called Southam Parish Land Processioning 1747-1784 Goochland, Cumberland, and Powhatan Counties, Virginia by Ann K. Blomquist.

And sure enough, there is John Salmon mentioned in the same neighborhood with the Rowland family:  (on page 14 of her book)

"we have processoined the lands and marked the lines except John Salmon, Rachel Farris, Nicholas Davies, Benjamin Harrison, John Blevins, John Rowland, Michael Rowland, Benjamin Dumas, Stephen Hughes"

This is not a book to be read lightly.....this is a book to be studied.  I will be adding maps and thoughts to this blog post as I study the 6 references to John and 1 to William Salmons....along with Rowland.

And very interesting there are also references to Phelps in relationship to Harris in this book.  I don't know whether I'll do those separately or if I will add them in here and change the title of the blog post to the name of the book.  You can always get back to this post however with today's date.

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