Monday, September 15, 2014

Trip to Alsace Lorraine in 1997--Hornberger

I went down to the basement to bring up my photo album from the trip that Jack and I made to Germany and France in 1997.  The album makes me happy just to look at!  This was the trip on which we purchased our cuckoo clock at the Hous der 1000 Clocks Factory Outlet.....It was probably the most touristy shop in the Black Forest.  But my notes say that I recommend it because the saleswoman was great and made the purchase very simple.  I remember that we bought our particular clock VERY quickly as we told her about how much we wanted to spend and just what we wanted our clock to do....and voila!  Clock was bought.  I need to get my clock repaired.  I think that I will do some research to see if there is somewhere to take it in Columbus or Cinn.....The kids are all big enough to not do the kind of yanking on the long lines that almost all of them did at one time or another until I just removed them for fear of their pulling the clock off the wall.  It is so sad that I didn't get it working for these little children.

I am going to add some photos in this spot from the album.  But for this morning I am just moving the next post down so that Fred Hornberger's naturalization record can be viewed without the side information bleeding through.

Right after our Cuckoo Clock purchase we came across by chance the town of Hornberg.  This town is right in the middle of the lumber area of Germany near Strasburg.

OH,,, scanner just quite working.....Let's see if this is enough to move the post down....I'll add maps from Google instead and get around to editing this another time.  Hornberg, Germany is on this map marked with an orange marker.
From Hornberg we drove to Strasbourg, France.  See below map to see how close we were to Lembach if only I had done more research before the trip:

Ok....all I am going to do on this post until I either get my scanner working or purchase another scanner

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