Thursday, October 24, 2013

Foster in Amelia County, Virginia

WOW!  This is such a random post that I have to laugh at myself! Ira Harris posted the below on the HH mail list this morning:

Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants
Volume IV, 1732 - 1741
Abstracted by Nell Marion Nugent
Edited by Dennis Ray Hudgins
Virginia State Library

Patent Book 17, page138

THOMAS FOSTER, 350 acs. Amelia Co., upper side of Stock's Cr., near sd Foster's House, in the Fork of JOHN HARRIS's Br.,
adj. John Dawson, Thomas Pruit & JOHN HARRIS; 10 June 1737, p. 355. 1 pound 15 shillings.

Ties in with previous one sent.
Any comments, please pass along through HH so that others may be helped.

Ira L. Harris III
Group 6, Harris Y-DNA Family Study.
Line of Robert Harris of Ware Creek, New Kent County, Virginia.

Don't know why .....but I decided to google to see if there was information on this Thomas Foster and found a website that I liked a lot:

The lady's name is Laurie and she has a very nice map on the site showing where the various Foster men lived in Amelia County.,,,,I just wanted to save this thought and here it is.

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