Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hensley in Cabell County, West Virginia

I am cleaning out the file labelled Hensley on my old computer this morning.  I have a few notes that I don't want to loose:

My notes tell me that there were no Hensleys in the Cabell County Tax list in 1810.  The census for Cabell County is lost for 1810.  So the Hensley family had not yet moved here from Virginia.....Bird Hensley who is the oldest son of Solomon Hensley says that he was born in Pittsylvania County, Virginia when he tries to enlist in service as a man in his teens.  I do not think that this is random....I believe that it was true.  Bird's estimated birth date is 1810 or 1811 (Bird is said to be 39 in the 1850 census)  I also have information somewhere when he tried to enlist but is proved to be too young and is denied.  This happened just before he moved to Illinois.  I can not find it quickly this morning, but will add the information in the future.  The other fact that leads me to accept Bird's Pittsylvania information as true is that many of the names that are listed in dealings with the Hensley family are Pittsylvania area names.  They may have moved as a group from the Pittsylvania area to what is now Cabell County, WV.  For a possible location for where they may have been in Pittsylvania before the move look at my blog entry:

When I look at the land records my gut feeling is that the older generation moves into Cabell County sometime between 1814 and 1816.    These men are Solomon, Stephen and William Hensley.

The next generation in Cabell County is Samuel who buys land in 1830 and John who buys land from Soloman in 1833.

We find Stephen Hensley buying land from Henry Farley in 1814.  It is near the Big Sandy River.  At this time Cabell Count was very large and took in a big part of the southwestern part of the state.

We find Solomon buying land from Daniel Witcher, Jr. in 1815 near Beech Fork.  We find Wm buying land from Wm Dingess in 1816 also mear the Sandy River.  An Stephen buying from Wm Holderby et all in 1815 near the Big Sandy River.  Again in 1820 Solomon buys more land from James T. Watson (who lived in NY....his attorney handled the sale) on Beech Fork of 12 Pole Creeek.  By 1823 Stephen is dead as land is being bought by his heirs.  This is land on the Beech Fork and the Tug Fork of the Sandy River.

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