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Wooten in Surry County, NC and elsewhere in NC and Virginia

The Wooten family that is found in Surry County, NC may not have any relationship to my mother's Wooten ancestors who are found in Eastern KY and Southwestern WV in the 1800s and on into today.  But a message came across the Surry County, NC mail list today that made me do a bit of poking around on the internet.  A man mentioned that a couple who have ties to Surry County had married in Grayson County, Virginia.  And that started my thinking about the Quakers who lived in Surry who I think I remember correctly were a part of the Westfield Meeting that reported to New Garden in Guilford County.  And that the Quaker families who lived in what is now Grayson also reported to New Garden.

The facts that I know are that I have no clue about the parentage of my 4-gr-grandfather, Silas Wooten who served in the Revolutionary war and was married to Phebe Worth.  He is documented as having enlisted to fight in the Revolution in Halifax County, Virginia.  He is documented as having had dealings in Guilford County, NC just after the war (1786-1787).

Silas and Phebe were married c. 1784 based on age of oldest child.  Both of the oldest two children say that they were born in NC in Census information.

1786  Thomas Hooten and Thomas Hooten Jr. as well as a George Hooten are found in Surrey County in 1786:

this is in Capt.  Adkins District which is said to have been in the southern region of present day Surrey County along the Yadkin River.

Thomas Wooten Sr died c. 1793 and left a will in which he names his children .  Silas is not named as a son.,+NC&source=bl&ots=vwcw_Brono&sig=11aJVlRGCiALae2xG4K5orA1t2c&hl=en&sa=X&ei=t89WUp32FY_G4APimoGwCA&ved=0CDEQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=Will%20of%20Thomas%20Wooten%20in%20Surry%20County%2C%20NC&f=false

1790 United States Federal Census of 1790 on has 45 Wooten (or sound alike) Head of Households in NC in Caswell, Craven, Dobbs, Edgecombe, Gates, Sampson, Surry, Wayne, Wilkes, Halifax, Hyde, Iredell, Jones, Lincoln, Martin, New Hanover, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Pitt, Rowan, Sampson, Surry, Wayne, and Wilkes Counties.  None of them are named Silas.

I find Thomas Wooten in Surry:

There is also a J. Wooten who has the 200 acres.....and a Richard Wooten who has 150 acres.  Both men are in Atkin district.  John Stotts is also listed in this tax enumeration but in Edwards district.

1792  1792 Next information take from:
John Hunt may have been a brother of Nancy Hunt. He along with Isaac Williamson and Silas Wooten 
witnessed the inventory of the estate of River Jordon, Jr. on 11th Oct. 1792.

There is a John Hunt living very close to Francis Worth on the Guilford County Map.  Is it possible that this John Hunt travelled down to Richmond County to Witness this estate?  Do i know that River Jordan, Jr's estate was in Richmond County?

1795  Martha Sisler gave me information that shows a Silas Wooten as 1 poll with no acres in Wilkes County, NC.  My Silas seemed to have rarely been a farmer....more often he is listed as a teacher later in Kentucky.  This could be my Silas Wooten.

Wilkes is next door to Surry County

1800 Silas appoears in tax list of John Hoge’s district in Montgomery County. Va

Was the family beginning their trek to Kentucky?  

1804 his son, George, was apprenticed to David Summers in Montgomery County, Va…George says later in life in the census information that he was born in Virginia….the older two children say they were born in NC, and the child just younger than George--Silas G. says he was born in OHio

1803 Silas G. Wooten born in Ohio.  Silas G. gives his age as 46 in the 1850 census Lawrence County, Ky and as in range 30-40 in the 1840 census of Lawrence County, Ky

1804 Silas received a land grant of 400 acres at Georges Creek on Levisa Fork of
Big Sandy River Certificate #115-- date of the Survey was Nov 6, 1804. 
(Kentucky) {another source says: April, 1, 1781 in Tazewell Co. Va.  Pension #S.40730}

1804 Rebecca said to have been born in KY.  Rebecca married first NAthan Blevins and second Berry Pack.  She gave her age as 46 in the 1850 census in Johnson County, Ky.  

I don't want to lose the thought that I found Hooten in Surry?  Wilkes?  I need to figure out where I was looking

Why do I look at the Surry County Wooten family?  Because there is a family in Eastern Kentucky who have a child named Silas Ooten/Wooten who is not connected to my Silas Wooten.  Anne Stotts is married to John Stotts.  We do not know what Anne's maiden name was.  She was married to a male Wooten/Ooten/Hooten who died.  She and this man had children.  After his death, she married John Stotts in Surry County, NC.  She and John moved to Eastern KY.  It is perhaps just a coincidence that she had a child named Silas....or perhaps there is a connection....just don't know yet.  My information says that Anne:

Afterwards, Anne and her children including Levi, Nancy & Jordan were living in Indiana by 1840. Her son Silas  was already deceased by then and his widow remarried and his children remained behind in the Tug River Valley.

WOW!  She had a child named Jordan.  I just looked....Jordan married a Williamson....does this marriage connect to the Isaac Williamson who was present when the estate of River Jordan was witnessed in 1792.  Don't know yet.

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