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Hawkins in the Northern Neck

I am cleaning out my bottomless pit of an inbox this morning.  I have grandkids who are sleeping in and I am just doing mindless "housework" on my computer while I wait for them to get up.  I hesitate to spend many hours on Hawkins from the Northern Neck until I do the research that I still need to do to break down the brick wall in Louisa, Orange and Culpeper Counties for parents and grandparents of Thomas R. Hawkins and his uncle Benjamin Hawkins.  These men are my "for sure" relatives/ancestors.  I am quite sure that Thomas R. Hawkins (my 3-gr-grandfather) will indeed connect to the Northern Neck as will many of us who connect through DNA results in Hawkins DNA group #1, but I have not yet done the research to make that connection.

If you were sitting beside me chatting with me as I make these notes, I would begin by telling you that I have spent many hours looking at the man that I call Thomas Hawkins of Old Rappahannock County.  I have no research to connect this Thomas to any of our Hawkins DNA lines yet.

I have also spent many hours looking at John Hawkins who died and left a will  before 1716 in Richmond County, Virginia (also a part of the Northern Neck).  This man names children and friends and relatives and has wife Elizabeth (perhaps Elizabeth Butler).  This John Hawkins has been proven by DNA to relate to my own Hawkins line.

This John and Elizabeth line has been proven to be ancestors to the line of Janet Shamiri.  Janet's DNA participant is a match for my father:  James Marshall Hawkins who is now deceased.  Janet has a lot of good information on this line on her own blog:

I have some maps and information on my blog already that I would want to review next before adding anything below.  It has some maps as well.  It carries the same title that this blog post has:

However, as I file some "stuff"  I want to make reminders of where I put ideas.

I just filed several e-mails from Fred Duncan in the mail folder labelled Northern Neck.  These include the wonderful maps that Fred sends me from time to time.  His Peter Duncan seems to have been a neighbor and a buddy of Thomas Hawkins of Old Rappahannock County and Thomas's father-in-law, Thomas/Jacob? Lucas.  John Catlett seems to also live in the neighborhood and is also a son-in-law to Thomas Lucas.

There is an excellent map in my Northern Neck mail folder from Fred Duncan that has date January 2013.

I want to add one more idea that is nagging in the back of my mind.  It is a post that I made to

There is no doubt that I should never start looking at the Hawkins surname in the Northern Neck without reviewing the information that I posted on this blog in January 2013 that I can access with above link.

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  1. Fellow researchers Chuck Johnson and Nancy Norman worked on Hawkins with me some years ago. Chuck pointed out that Capt Thomas Hawkins of Old Rappahannock is not to be confused with the Thomas Hawkins of Northumberland County who was married to Elizabeth (Stepping?) who later married Seth Foster and had a son Thomas Jr.
    Chuck said:
    "Captain Thomas Hawkins was in Old Rappahannock County by 1655 when he presented the Colony with a request for a patent for importing individuals to Virginia... He may have been inported earlier by Thomas Lucas, possibly in 1653. Nugent's _Cavaliers and Pioneers_, Volume I, has a number of Thomas Hawkins in Charles River County as early as 21 November 1635. Thomas Hawkins was a resident of Sittingbourne Parish, Old Rappahannock County, Virginia. Sittingbourne Parish was formed from Farnham Parish in 1661, becoming the second and frontier parish in Old Rappahannock County, and lying on both sides of the Rappahannock River. A deed dated 20 July 1661 describes property on the South Side of the Rappahannock County received by Thomas and Mary Hawkins from Francis Morrison. This would place the Hawkins family in the now Essex County part of Sittingborne Parish.
    "Thomas Hawkins married first Mary Lucas, daughter of Thomas Lucas. This marriage probably occurred in Old Rappahannock County in 1653 or shortly thereafter (based on possible importation year of Thomas Hawkins by Thomas Lucas.). Mary died between 1670 and 1673. She was mentioned in a land transaction in 1670 but was not mentioned in Thomas Lucas's will of 1673. Thomas Hawkins married secondly Frances Bloomfield, sister of Samuel Bloomfield. Thomas and Frances may have had one child from that marriage as he discusses changes to his will depending of the sex of the child that Frances was carrying. . Thomas Hawkins died after 8 February 1675 when his will was written. Frances (Bloomfield) Hawkins remarried after Thomas Hawkins died. She may have married Captain William Moseley as John Hawkins, a minor child of Thomas Hawkins selected Mosely as his guardian. [Hannah married William Mosely; her brother probably chose his new brother-in-law]
    "Children of Thomas and Mary Hawkins:
    John Hawkins
    Thomas Hawkins
    Elizabeth Hawkins
    Hannah Hawkins
    Mary Hawkins. May have died between 1673 and 1675 as she appears in Lucas's will as a granddaughter but is not identified in Thomas Hawkins will.
    "John, Elizabeth and Hannah Hawkins were minors in the year Hawkins died as he comments in his will on they [sic] being minors."