Thursday, July 3, 2014

Jacob Castle

Jacob Castle is an ancestor who holds my imagination!  But he was on the Western Waters of Southwestern Virginia so early that there is not a lot of documented information about him or about his family.  However there is a LOT of folklore.  I will try to add both to this blog post as I have time.

I will start this post with a personal story.  My mother's name is Sara Ann Sammons Hawkins.  When my middle daughter was born,  I had named my first daughter Mary Ann.  I wanted to name this child after my mother.  But I did not want to use the Ann again.  So I named my second daughter Sarah Jane.  I am not sure that my mom loved the fact that I "kind of" named Sarah after her....I liked the old fashioned spelling of Sarah rather than the more modern Sara.

But many years later, I found that I had reverted to the original namesakes.  My mom had been named after her grandmother, Sarah Jane Wooten Sammons.  In turn, Sarah Jane had been named after HER grandmother, Sarah Jane Castle Wooten.  I often tell my daughter that if her son ever has a daughter, he MUST name her Sarah Jane as it will be the 4th time a daughter will have been named Sarah Jane after her grandmother.....well....not mom is Sara Ann....but the intent was good.

But it is a good thing that Sarah Jane Castle is remembered in the naming of children even today.  She would be happy.  Because Sarah Jane Wooten Sammons was much loved, I can only guess that Sarah Jane Castle was as well.

OK.  The reason for this post is that today was a top ten gorgeous day.....but I had minor surgery and could not golf.  So I took Mary Kegley's book:  Finding Their Way From the Great Road to the Wilderness Road 1745-1796 to the porch to read.  WOW!  Amazing book!  Mary Kegley's endnotes are so full of information that it is hard to get finished with any one page.

But I wanted to put one piece of information someplace where I would find it again as I read.  In Chapter 3 which is about roads there is information on page 10.

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