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My 3-gr-grandmother on my Hawkins side was Matilda Pinkard.  I know very little about this woman.  And I know even less about her Pinkard family.  The facts that I DO know are:

Matilda married my 3-gr-grandfather, Thomas R. Hawkins 28 Aug 1823 in Culpeper County, Virginia.  I have seen the marriage listed in more than one marriage book for Culpeper County.   Here is what my notes say about this marriage:

I found the following in the Culpeper Co., Virginia Marriage Register:
p. 55, 8-28-1823, Matilda Pinchard(not a typo) m. Thomas R. Hawkins by James Garnett, Sr. (Crooked Run Baptist 1772-1986 located at 38 degrees 21.723' N, 78 degrees 6.441'W, Rapidan, VA, south of Culpeper at junction of Hwys 614 & 615).  You can see historical marker on-line if you google Crooked Run Baptist.

other marriages:
p. 73, 8-30-1799, Spencer Pinckard m. Betsy Marshall by William Mason
p. 49, 10-6-1825, Methethealan Pinckard m. Robert Green by Alonzo Walton
p. 77, 11-19-1800, Polly Pinkard (not a typo) m. Gabriel Rosson by Wm. Masson

information from  Penny Alby who I met via NorthernNeck mail list

 In the census of 1880, her son, Edward Pinkard Hawkins says that his mother was born in Virginia.

Matilda and T.R. had five children.  Only one was a son:  Edward Pinkard from whom I descend.  The other four were daughters:  Ann, Martha Druscilla, Matilda F., and Angelina A.  

 Matilda (wife of T.R.Hawkins) died young.  Her death date is  19 Aug 1836.  I can not find documentation right this minute, but the death date has come from obit or religious newspaper report.
Angelina was only 2 when her mother died and Thomas only 10.  

One interesting piece of information that might suggest that Spencer Pinckard and Betsy Marshall could have been parents of Matilda is the fact that while Matilda does not have a child named Marshall, but she does have a grandson named Jesse Marshall Hawkins.  Jesse Marshall Hawkins is my gr-grandfather.  His first name, Jesse comes from a grandfather on his mother's side.  It is possible that the Marshall might come from his father's side.  

Matilda's only son is named Edward Pinkard Hawkins.  There is another possibility for the name for a father to Matilda.  

I have done very little research on this family.  I do know that it is likely that the Pinkard family moved to Culpeper County from the Northern Neck of Virginia.

One other piece of information:

There are two head of households with Pinkard surname in the Culpeper 1820 Census


3 young males, 2 males 16-26 and 2 young females, one female between
16 to 26, and Elizabeth must be between 26 and 45.  I suppose she is a
young widow.  But the one that jumped out at me is

Marshall Pinkard

4 young males, 1 10-16, 1 16-18, and one  16-26, 2 young females, 1
16-26 and 1 26-45  Both households have slaves.
Surely naming practices would suggest that this Marshall Pinkard would have been the son of the couple married in 1799 with husband Spencer Pinkard and wife Betsy Marshall.  I can not account for all of the members of the house hold for a man who would have been quite young in 1820.  Too many children for such a young couple.  Still it is hard to ignore the name Marshall Pinkard.  I would point out that Betsy would be a nickname for Elizabeth.

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