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Here is what I DO know about my own Webb family line.  I first find this family in Illinois when Nancy Webb married Bird/Ichabod Hensley 14 Jan 1829 in Clay County, Illinois.   The only other clues that I have are that Bird reports that Nancy was born in Kentucky and that her parents were William and Nancy Webb on Nancy's death certificate which is found in Cabell County, WV.
One more piece of information came from Ruth Sammons Nassar's book:

Lucinda Hensley Sammons told her granddaughter that her Webb family had had a family reunion in Montgomery County, Ky--close to Bowling Green.

(Lucinda Hensley Sammons was the daughter of Bird and Nancy Webb Hensley)

Anyone who knows Kentucky can look at the statement reported to have been made by Lucinda Hensley and know that Bowling Green is no where near Montomery County, KY.  I first spent a good deal of time looking in the area around Montgomery County, KY.  I found a few pieces of information that I posted at

However I am not concentrating on the Webb families found in the area near Bowling Green, KY rather than the Webb families in Eastern KY.  Here is information that I sent to the Webb mail list
20 July 2002:

According to Ancestry's information, in 1820 there are 104 William Webbs counted in the US census.  Because my William has a daughter, Nancy who is said to have been born in KY in 1811 and I find my William Webb in Clay County, Illinois in 1830, I narrow my interest down to the 1 in Madison County, Illinois and the four in Kentucky:

1 in Clark
1 in Floyd
1 in Franklin
1 in Warren

I know nothing about the William Webb who was already in Illinois.  But the man is young and has a young wife and has only one son.  No daughters....Nancy should be 9.  He is almost certainly not my man.

I feel sure that the William in Floyd County is the well documented William Webb (1780-1859) who married Nancy Green and descended from John and Mary Boone Webb through their son George and George's son John.  This couple lived and died in Floyd County, KY.  He is also not my man.

I have seen on websites that a William Webb who also descended from John and Mary Boone Webb through their son James who died in Letcher County, Ky.  This William Webb is said to have been married to Unknown Davenport.  The information that usually seems to come with this man is that he settled for a while in Franklin County and then moved west.  So he is a possibility for the William Webb in Franklin County.  This William Webb has a daughter who is 10-16...Nancy could have been 10 by the time that the enumerator came by.  So this man is a possibility for my 4-hr-grandfather.

The William Webb in Clark County seems to be too old and too affluent for my man.  He does have 4 young daughters under the age of 10--so my Nancy who would have been 9 fits....but he has slaves and 29 people engaged in agriculture.....not a likely candidate for a man who moves to Clay County, Illinois in 1830 and has no slaves.

The William Webb in Warren County is enumerated 7 Aug, 1820.  He has seven children in his household.  He and his wife are both between 26 and 44.  The children are 3 males under 10, 2 females under 10, 2 females 10-15.  This census is not in alphabetical order.  There are no Webbs in close proximity to William.  In looking at a later census, I find my 4-gr-grandfather to be 60-70 in the 1830 census of Clay County.  A man who was 44 in 1820 would not yet be 60 in 1830.  This is not likely to be my man.

However, there is a man with name William Webb in Barren County, Ky in the 1810 Census who is the right age for my 4-gr-grandfather.  Where is he in 1820?

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