Monday, July 14, 2014

William Webb in Barren County, Ky in 1810

I spent some time today looking at William Webb found in Barren County, Ky in 1810.  The below information is from Ancestry Census records.

I can not find this man in 1820 census.  Does anyone know anything about him?  He is not the William Webb found in Warren County in 1820 as that man is younger.  

In 1820 there is a Richard Webb and a Theophilis Webb  but no female who would seem to be a widow.  

This man is not found in Illinois in the census for this year either.  

Winnie has explained that some of her Webb family that connects with the group having names such as Merry and Martin who came to the Warren County area from Halifax/Henry area of Virginia lived in the area that is now Mammoth Cave National Park.  Look at the map below.  One could live in Barren County and be a close neighbor to someone living on land in that is now in Mammoth Cave National Park.  

Was there a member of the Merry/Martin Webb family group who moved to Warren County area who would have been born in the generation born between 1760 and 1770?  A birth date between these dates would have made this William Webb between 40 and 50 for the census of 1810.  Before I spend any more time on this, I will ask our group if anyone knows this man. 

Couldn't quite quit....found a site with land grants for Barren County.  


It looks as if Wm Webb had land grant for 90 acres.  Survey was 17 Nov 1804.  There is no description of location of the land grant.  And it is in book 6  of Barren County of land grants in Barren County.

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